Even the Fish...

The measuring stick for snow is seeing a lot of use these past few days; so much so, in fact, that...

...even the fish are covered!

So, in between shovelling off the mountain, I refer back to Shelly's bowl, Sunny Day in the Daisy Field...

...which was mailed yesterday...

...and will hopefully arrive soon to warm up the kitchen in Rupert!



Kev has left Coleman's for his own shop... Newfoundsushi will be opening quite soon in downtown Corner Brook, and I, for one, can't wait! But while I am waiting, I'm also working on a glass sign that will be inside the restaurant, based on Kev's logo. It is waiting its turn for firing numero uno...


Tea from a Tree

That indiscriminate ravager, cancer, seems to be ubiquitous these days. Though not a cure, but definitely a very viable preventative, chaga might be part of the solution to keep the killer at bay. Harvested from local birch trees, ground into fine virtually tasteless powder that can be added to sauces, coffees, teas, baking and cookery, or just enjoyed steeped with a touch of honey, chaga is easily incoroprated into your daily food routine.
Call the Chaga Man today, and get your order in!


More Snow!

Woke up to a beautiful morning, half a foot of more fresh snow...

... this of course means shoveling, which is everybody's favorite pass-time...

... oh that wonderful stuff that goes flying through the air and is so fun to catch...

... great big gobs of it...

... great big leaps...

... and if we aren't covered by snow, we'll be covered by sawdust. Winter Fun.



First ski on the trails behind the house!!
Some spots are still wet, but maneouverable, and after a really-loud-and-full-of-charges-and-attacks-from-both-sides-by-two-over-excited-black-and-white-dogs-accompanied-by-lots-of-yelling-from-me-first-five-minutes, it was a joy. We can't wait to go again!


The Start of the New Year

Ian cooks a turkey.

Kala builds a fort.

Shep hides from the fireworks.

The comfort of friends... best kind of gift!