We left a bit early... moon still below horizon line, and actually we didn't know whether we would get to see it afterall, the clouds were busy moving in. This is Rabbit Snare Alley with flash.

Moon rising over trees and starting to light up Wood Cutter's Pond.

End of ski, Moon finally at a nice height, brightening up Lower Power Line Bog. Going down Crazy Lady Hill was quite the thing in the dark... keep knees bent and hope for the best! Must say, the conditions after that rain sure made for fast tracks!
Blow-Me-Down Moonlit Tour in about a month's time if the weather co-operates. Can't wait!


Moved to Another Convenient Location

Soooo.... haven't been able to solve any problems with the images here, so I have moved my blog over to wordpress, www.astonesthrowglass.wordpress.com ... please keep following happenings at the Crow's Nest there!


No More Photos

For some reason, I can't upload images here anymore. Not even one. Where is the HELP button when one needs it I wonder... time to change to Wordpress so I can carry on?



Not sure what's going on this morning, but for some reason, this blog-thing is not accepting photographs... I even went back and changed many to much smaller file sizes, but then it actually uploaded only these two, less than the first time around.
In anycase, this is all I have for today:
Hiiner had a birthday, and on his birthday he received a beautiful beautiful beautiful (did I mention beautiful??) Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP).

And much like one of the stories go, he too has become legendary, pretty much walking on water. Can we say STOKED?!


Summer Orchids

For the first time in 5 years, my orchid has bloomed...

... could be because of the light, the warmth, the humidity...

... whatever the reason, I am happy for the blossoms and the fragrance in the house.


West Coast comes to the Best Coast

We had very early visitors yesterday morning... right off the boat! Karen and her kids from BC dropped by for a quick hello-- although the last thing they expected on an rdf kind of a morning, we went for a creek hike just becuase we love it!

Although we didn't have enough water shoes to outfit the whole gang, Ian does have a lot of wool socks...

...more than enough...

... for  many mismatched sets of wool booties.

Sometimes, we got wetter than anticipated...

...but it was definitely worth it...


... my little Rabina went for a swim while Andi and Ben climbed the falls.


And it really was THIS big.

Wet, but happy, we even got some of the first wild blueberries of the season and some of the last wild raspberries.
Wonderful start to the day!


Morning Moon

We've been enjoying just-after-full-moon moons these past few days, visible from the studio in the early morning light.
Soft lovely summer.