Thank You!

Another good year, another good fair! Thanks to all who came to support the local artisans and their work; our fair here, as the fair in St. John's, were great successes. Hope you're all a bit closer to being set for Christmas season with loved ones!


Best Coast Christmas Craft Fair

Only TODAY and TOMORROW left of the Christmas Craft Fair at the Pepsi Centre... doors open at 10am TODAY!! You will find Christmas wreaths, chocolate, gold and silver jewellery, books, hooked mats, art dolls, bee's wax candles and honey, knitted hats, prints, paintings, glass art, and a whole lot more! Come on out and support our local artisans and have something beautiful for yourself and your loved ones.


Best Coast Christmas Craft Fair

The Best Coast Christmas Craft Fair is happening again... it will be held at the Conference Rooms in the Pespsi Centre this weekend, starting
 Friday Nov. 25
Sat. Nov. 26,
Sun. Nov. 27th
Hope to see you and all your friends and relations over the weekend!



Great Craft Fair in St. John's, so nice to see so many crafters in one place, and all their beautiful work. Thank you to all who supported the Fair and bought these beautiful products for themselves and for loved ones... it makes it possible to do it again.
Thanks also to Peter and Robert for opening their home to me, and thanks to Molly and Austin, you are great craft-fair-partners... loved 'travelling' with you for the duration, it was good fun.
Cod love yas all!

Home, got a fire going, have some more wood to chop and bring in, walked dogs on beach (so nice to see the water!!)-- Kala grown again in just a week... he's 3/4 the size of Shep now. Craziness.


Christmas Craft Fair

Here I am, in St. John's, at the Arts & Culture Centre... no photos, sorry, I forgot the wire that I plug into camera and computer... BUT I was a movie star on CBC apparently... that should count for something!
Craft Fair Hours: TODAY, NOON - 9PM
                             SATURDAY, 10AM-9PM
                             SUNDAY, 10AM-5PM



Going Trad

I was a bit stuck for ideas this time around, for ornaments and fun things to make for the Christmas Craft Fairs... luckily, I had dinner with Christine one evening, because she has ideas! As someone who makes and sells traditional knit goods, this idea was a no brainer for her: 'Make glass trigger mitts,' she said!
So I did. At first I tried to cut out pieces to mimic the three patterns that she sent me, but the scale of the ornaments as compared to the size of my fingers is too small...
...as it is, I have to use tweezers...

... just to get the alternate 'stitches' onto the mitten, let alone cutting teeny tiny triangles and other miniature shapes as well...

Getting one mitten done took a LONG time, even after drawing and cutting out the basic shape...
I am tough and I will persevere,
... a few days later...

... I have a few mittens to bring to the fair!

See you at the Arts & Culture Centre in St. John's, Nov. 9-13, and at the Corner Brook Pepsi Centre, Nov. 25-27.


Red Bottle Sunset

The sun seems to have changed position and angle with the change of seasons; now when we get a bit of it later in the day, the red glass vase passes on some of its colour to the normally-plate-glass-green bottle.
One more sleep and Hiiner comes home.


As the Water Turns

I have a new series of functional glassware for this year's Craft Fairs: Ice. On our walks by the creek and waterfalls, I watch the changes in the water level, the movement and layers of flow, and the apparent changes in colour of the water as the weather and seasons change. This series is an attempt to capture the continued movement of water as it starts to freeze, rather than trying to imitate a block if ice.

Detail of Ice


Hold on to Yer Hat!

My 2011 Snowman ornaments are appearing... tobogganers who slide down the hill so fast, their hats are liable to fly off!

The process takes a good bit of time, as this ain't no indutrialised factory, let me tell you! Fat, round bodies are cut, then edges ground, carrot noses cut and applied, buttons enamelled on...

... backing cut, wires cut and bent...

...sleds cut and enamelled...

... arms fire-cut and stretched...


... and despite all the effort, sometimes they lose their noses during the firing process... sliding too fast?
Come see them live at the Christmas Craft Fair in St. John's Nov. 9-13, and the Best Coast Christmas Craft Fair in Corner Brook, Nov. 25-27.