New Series: Serpentine River Valley and The Tablelands

I learned a new technique last spring, and have finally had the opportunity thanks to the New Creations Grant (!!!!) from the Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador to try to work out a series of series that I am hoping will be the beginning of creating a wholesale product for my business, not only using this new technique, but with the new glass that I am starting to use as well.
Red Bowl, used to test the colour for the red-orange rock of the Tablelands in Gros Morne.

Detail of Red Bowl

Serpentine River Series

Detail of the Serpentine River Series

The Tablelands

Curved platter with the Tablelands
I am still going to fiddle a bit with the colours, and to do a few with multi-coloured veins as well, to see what I like best. Each piece will also have the option of having a small embellishment added to it (like the salmon in the Serpentine Series above). The toughest part will be to find a reasonable price in terms of a wholesale market... labour for each piece is about 7-8 hours, and kiln time can be up to 80++ hours per piece, depending on the desired finish. It ain't easy!

Magical Chemical Formula: Hurve's School of Cookery

This is the magical formula of the magical stuff that the Easter Bunny hoardes for most of the year... luckily,being a strongly independent and free-thinking woman, I can outsmart the rabbit and get my own supply. With Hiiner gone during the week days, (by the way, Captain Manuel was awakened at 4:30 this morning b/c the crew had arrived and had to take the boat out to sea... so he moved back into the Green Hornet, drove to the Automotive shop where he works, and crawled back into his sleeping bag, ready to leap out when the 9am starting bell sounds), the cooking has been left to myself (Shep won't do it). Apparently I won't really do it either... it seems so much easier just to eat some chocolate-covered berries and nuts-- they're all full of good protein, good fibre, calcium, and antioxidants, so how could I go wrong!? No dirty dishes, no cooking smells, instant meal on demand... turns out I love my cooking after all!



Ian now has a job in Port-aux-Basques; last week was his first work week, and he managed to get his Captain's papers in less than 24 hours! Not to confuse anyone, he's still an Automotove Technician; there just isn't anywhere to live in PaB unless you own a home... after spending the first night in the car (at -17 degrees and with a lot of blankets), his boss let him sleep on one of his heated 65' draggers... so in the evenings, Captain Manuel sat in his Captain's chair and watched the ferry roll in, and got caught in about a million chats with the wharf rats.
He spent most of the weekend on the phone trying to organise a place on land, but to no avail... we were hoping that something might come together for him today, but the Captain just called to let me know that there was a bit of swell on the go in the Port at the moment, and looks to be a see-sawing-kind-of-a-night aboard the ship. Apartment might become available by Friday he hopes.

Winter Habitants

The March Hare changing colours, soon to become the Easter Bunny.

Birch forest in the valley.


Blustery Days

On days like today, it's great to have things to do indoors... after shovelling and getting wood, carving a wax fish is not so bad... but before I'm allowed to come in, the BIRDS MUST BE FED!

Tonnes of redpolls, one fat goldfinch, chickadees, and my olive striped favorites hustling and bustling to and from the feeders...

...picking at anything on the snow, while they await their turn up top...

...chirping and cheeping and pecking and flying... when we're out, it is so great to hear them busy busy busy in the trees, only to swarm the feeders the second they think we're indoors with dog... glad they have a place to dine, the weather has certainly turned back to winter this weekend.


Last Days?

It seems a waste of days not to get outside as much as possible before the snow really goes and things are muddy and brown while we wait for the greenery to recover from the very late fall and spring into spring...
... last days for man...

...last days for dog... note smart woman hiding stick from dog... last days for that sort of trickery too, perhaps, unless we get some cold weather again....


Type Case

Marnie, who knows all about making beautiful books by hand, brought an old type case to me one day, wondering what could be done with it...
... detail of back side...

...detail of back side...

...full case...

...front, with all the shelves for the type...

...detail of front...

...full frontal. Fun.


The Eagles Have Landed!

Stan Hill made me a pair of eagles, painstakingly carved from antler. They are SO beautiful I could cry. I tried sending this image a few times to my facebook account before I had the chance to post this, so who knows, they may be there already... but for now, bloggeroo it is. Stunning!


Elephant Moose!

We found some tracks this afternoon when we escaped for an hour... we gots the moose out 'ere, b'y!
I think that perhaps there are only a few of this of-so-hard-to-spot species of Tryannasauraus Moose left, but obviously from the size of these tracks, they live HERE...
... hard to see in this photo, but the tracks are almost larger then Shep. Scary!


Blow-me-Downs in March

Lori and Hiin clambering across the icy slopes, tip of Woods Island in the background.
Weeball in the backdrop...
...Hiin amongst the wild and crazy pines fo the valley...
...Hurve and Lucas, enjoying the day and Weeball-is-born...
...everybody is interested in lunch...
....this is the perfect lunch spot in the sun...
...another slippery slope...
...coming down... whooo!...
... luckily the camera-person won't get run over...
Lori found her Shangri-la!


The Tractor Store!

My friends Lance and Amanda from O-AT-KA Glass School in Batavia NY have a great treactor store nearby... I LOVE that store... today I recieved a Valantine's gift (speedy postal service) from them from the Tractor Store... THANKS!!!


Ready for Cottage Country!

Wouldn't that be a dream cabin?! Or permanent year-round home, preferably! In anycase, my work was published in Cabin Life magasine for the spring issue; who knows, this might be a great place to promote some of my leaded glass.
I remember sending pages of info to the editor, and am amazed at how short and sweet everything could be made; perhaps in order to cut things out one must be less closely tied to one's projects.


Counting Sheep

When I get stuck and can't find a satisfying expression of an idea, I have to walk away and do something else... in this case, I have started to paint the sheep of Green Gardens in Gros Morne... kind of like counting sheep to clear one's head while reaching for sleep.


Window Scenery

 I finished a panel for a family who wanted some privacy and a bit of colour and interest in their entryway; the glass still allows lots of light into the area, and the fused panel in the centre adds a different kind of visual interest than just blocks of glass.
Beautiful frame, made by Tonu Voitk...

...completed panel, cloudy day behind it... loooking forward to seeing a sunny day in the background...

... detail of the layered inset scene.


Sun this Morning!

So sunny out there, the Blow-me-Downs are lit up like nobody's business, all blue skies as a backdrop. Amazing. And no-one to go up the mountain with today. So I can dream of things that are blue and white and full of energy: wind and water water and wind. Magic combination.


Girl Power


..Whale Tail...


...all three.

And, slightly out of focus, frames made by T. Voitk elegantly hold the beautiful panels in the light.