Aare's Work

My brother Aare enjoys working with wood; this year, as a gift for my brother Tonu and his wife Tiina, he framed two panels that I had made for them years ago (one a house-warming, the other a wedding gift)...

... the frames certainly elevated the look of each panel, and what a great surprise!

There is Tiina, suitably surprised and pleased, and Aare enjoying the moment.

For our parents, he created a beautiful fish-shaped trivet with blond wood inlay, complete with felt-lined under-surface.

For the niece and nephew who have everything in scads, a large toothbrush and tooth-- dental appointments!


Winds of Change

The temperature is dropping (not to exaggerate too much, it`s below zero these days, and the forecast is for this to continue), and the wind direction has changed. Gone are the balmy days of pre-winter, where the house is warm from top to bottom-- the cold winds-blowing-straight-at-the-house are here, and along with them, the need to keep the fire going at all times!
The little snow that we have right now might stick, and the ground might even begin to freeze. I`m wondering should I cut the stems and leaves off my tulips that had started to come up, ro leave them on... will it make a difference...
In anycase, it would be a good time to haul some kelp off the beaches and throw it all over the yard just for fun. And then start to think about plans for the new year... I think Im going to have to consciouly make and take time to just think ahead in concrete terms, otherwise this busy cycle will just keep on going!



Best wishes to you all for a happy Christmas and a wonderful and fulfilling New Year!


Kitchen Cabinet Doors

I've been working on a set of door-panels for a kitchen this past while...

...and am really pleased with the glass and the effect...

It's amazing how much the coloured glass makes these cabinets pop in the new kitchen. Besides the wood, this is really the only colour in this room, and seeing half the doors installed is great, they really stand out! The plan is to find art that incorporates these colours for the living room/dining room walls as well, to bring continutiy to all the rooms. It's going to look awesome when it's all done.


Cod Love Fast Eddy!

Oh yes, it really is Christmas!! Every year, I forget until I am reminded with a wonderful surprise package that arrives by post to my mail box, the whole mailbox is full of fresh ground coffee aromas, trailing me into the car, back to the house... ahhhh....
Ed's Christmas coffee mornings... the gift that keeps on giving for months!
Thanks Ed.



After today, the days will start getting longer again, and we'll head back towards spring... even though there are fresh tulip shoots in my garden right now, and the snow in this photo only lasted a few hours... we're already in spring, except with much shorter days.
Happy Solstice anyways; winter might still arrive for a month or so, who knows.


Christmas is Here!

The morning began with waffles and coffee and the usual shenanigans for the family...

... then one of my family of friends arrived for a walk in the snow (yes, it snowed... today it is gone completely, but yesterday we had a day of snow!)...

... which of course, started off immediately on the right foot...

...with some who escaped...

...some who laughed in the face of danger...

... and some who dove right in! Excellent carnage en route-- three or so hours to get to the look-off (it's amazing how much longer it takes when a war is on the go), which was mostly socked in, but still worth the trip!

Great to look at the snow-covered trees, especially knowing that the rain is going to be back for the rest of the week.

Tip of Woods Island briefly peering out of the fog.

Christmas cookies... all kinds and all yummy!


Wood Stove, Firelight, and Coconut Cream

Better than any present under the tree...
... lying by Black Betty and her toasty heat...

...while Hiin (just look at that joy!)...

... gave me a foot massage! The essence of coconut still floats around the living room this morning, and my feet feel great! Advent calendars are better than the actual unwrapping of gifts...


Making Do...

The star playa of the Osprey Paddling Club's Soccer Team is making do with hand-me-down toys, confident with the knowledge that there is loot for him under the tree.
The wifus, on the other hand, is starting to suffer from nerves, questionning and over-analysing, and re-thinking all of her actions of the past year... What did I do that was so bad that there are no presents under the tree for me?



Maybe it's not fair when Santa delivers before Christmas... Shep kept a close watch while two presents for him were being wrapped... and when he realised that he wasn't going to get them right away, he dug out the carboard backing from the burn bin to show which toy he should have RIGHT NOW... I put it back into the bin, under a pile of other burnable stuff, and he picked it back out again-- very determined!)

There he is, sticking close to the only two presents under the tree... (wondering how many hints I have to drop to see presents for the WIFE under the tree!?)

Not moving far from his loot... how many more sleeps?



 Beautiful separation of colours moving across the horizon line this morning.


Something to Think About...

If you are stuck for gifts, you have everything, the recipient(s) of your gifts has(ve) everything... there are many great causes where you could put some $$ or time in the name of those you love... even if it's just knowing that some part of your purchase goes towards helping others out...
Some things are just worth saving!


Well, Maybe I Believe It...

It snowed a bit very early this morning... and it is still snowing...
I'm not sure that I buy into it, though, despite the beauty in the mountains across the bay...

... they're still calling for +7 and +8 temperatures right after the weekend... which means rain. On the other hand, ya' never know, out here the weather changes like nobody's business.


Did You Realise that it is Already December?!

Yes! December! Who knew?! Date-wise, I realise that this is the month, we've gone through November like lightning, and we're already into December, but reality-wise it's still tough to get through my head.
I am late with the tree this year, seems that the months keep filling up and overflowing too fast to keep up with things, but in yesterday afternoon's fine drizzle, we finally picked out a beauty from the back.

Lights and cherries and birds adorn our tree-- mostly birds of all kinds. Here are two glass birds that one of my girlfriends gave me last year-- love them!

And here's the guy who kept trying to jump into the picture... !


Testing Gear

 A boat coming in from a trip stopped in our little bay the other day, to do a run through with their gear...

... neat to see the team in action; wondering what it would feel like in big seas on the outside.


The HeART of Giving Art Exhibit and Sale

League of Artists of Western Newfoundland have a show and sale, The HeART of Giving, at the Arts & Culture Centre in Corner Brook. It will be up for a few weeks, beautiful paintings and three sculptural works... two of which appear here!
 Maria Voitk's fibre art installation depicting mushroom spores being spread out along a forest floor...

 ... installed by Tonu Voitk.
 This is my sculpture, 'No wonder the pirtaes ran aground', glass, brass, and driftwood.

First ever viewing of the brig.


I Kind of Miss it...

Looking at photos from the Craft Fairs, I think I sort of miss them... it was 'easy' once the booths were set up-- just show up to work, more or less, everyday, and talk to people as they came... it might be that tackling the studio and its resulting disarray from alomst a year of work is still a bit on the daunting side...
...and I knit two hats in my down time for Molly-- this one she sold to a little girl...

...even though the bear looked quite sharp with it as well.

Booth-full-of-glass in Sin City!


The Aftermath...

Both major craft fairs are over, I am home, and am finally taking the time to sort a few things out. Like where to put the shelving that I used this year at the fairs for my booth set-up, and where to put the stuff that I have had hanging around here for what seems like forever... and where to put this pile of glass scraps, and that pile of scraps, and how fast can I crush this mountain of shards to frit, and so on... and wow, there is some flooring under all that pile of stuff, and holy smokes, I think I have work space in the form of table-tops over there too!
It's going to take all day. Perhaps most of tomorrow also.
And then, I need to make a list of the orders that I need to get started on, the ones that I need to complete before Christmas festivities, and what direction I am going to be heading for this year-- yes, there is (hopefully) going to be a solid directional focus... more when I figure that out in greater detail.
And it is the first day of December, Happy beginning of the official Advent to Christmas! Hiin forgot to make me an Advent Calendar this year... mostly because he didn't realise that that is going to be one of his favorite activities from now until death-do-us-part... ahhh, love!
So if all goes well, we'll find our tree today too before it gets dark!