Until Next Year, Tomatoes!

We went through the tomatoes super fast this year... going.. going..  gone! The flavour of the fresh, whether red or green or orange, sure beats anything from the store, vine-ripened or not!


Brief Escape!

Late in the day, I escaped for an hour... high tide, water dappled with fall leaves, hardly a breeze... what an October evening.


Getting Crowded in Here!

The Christmas Craft Fairs are coming up...
Nov. 18-21 I will be at the Arts and Culture Centre in St. John's (Christmas Fine Craft Fair)
Nov. 26-28 I will be at Marble Mountain in Steady Brook (Best Coast Christmas Craft Fair).
Lots of work happening in the studio, not much room to move, scrap glass is piling up like crazy... it's that time of year!


I forgot to tell Hiin about the Colour and the Big Fat Double exhaust Pipes...

The Duck... oh yes, I know what you're thinking... the truth is that I did NOT choose this truck becuase of the colour; in fact, yellow is not my all-time favorite colour for a vehicle. I have been dreaming of a metallic cranberry red coloured vehicle, actually, but this particular set of wheels is what befell me...
And it does blend well with surroundings after all... in the fall.
So when we arrived home today (by way of Ontario-- it's a long story... after taking a Master Class at O-AT-KA Glass), I realised that I had a place for the ducks that I had found or collected for whatever genious reason at the time...
This pink one was a beach-combing find... I was contemplating whether it might serve as a dashbaord ornament...

...or better yet, as the hood ornament... and I'm thinking that the 10 tiny ducks I might be able to somehow string along the top of the windshield sort of like that pom-pom lace that is famous in some Tex-Mex locales (or Cheech and Chong movies)...we'll see...

 Good ole' Sheppie, so happy to see me today, he even jumped into the Duck and more or less refused to get out for a while, until he realised that I was moving back in, not out. So what about the Green Hornet? Not to worry, she's still on the road. With a few km shy of reaching the 300K mark, there's no way we're going to retire that ride... can you believe that that is what a dealer suggested (as in, No this is not worth anything as a trade-in, but we could retire this ride for you...)?! I don't think so!! It's one of the best vehicles I have ever driven. So hopefully I did well with the Duck also, we'll see how it all shakes out soon enough.


Signs of Fall

 Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It's been a busy weekend, lots of family and friends visiting over the long weekend-- we are very fortunate in all the people who surround us, and lucky to be able to share beautiful meals with those who arrive at our doorstep.
Leaves are changing, the hills ar full of colour, and the last of my flowers are struggling to stay bright and alive.

 And of course, one of the biggest reminders of the change in temperature and time of year is the firewood... lugging, bucking, splitting, piling, and burning... Fall is definitely here, and winter is on its way.


One Fine Evening...

 Last week, much to Shep's delight, I arrived home before dark to a flat calm bay... so we jumped on the opportunity!
Shep, running and swimming alongside, cooling off when we stopped...
... we met some neighbours out for the final days of the food fishery... they had some luck, but not enough to fill the boat.