So Many Flowers...

...so little time...! Beautiful every time I pass through the garden, however briefly-- what a joy.


Still Missing

One of Hiin's childhood friends is missing. It is terrible to hear about a loved one missing, and this is no better, it hits too close to home. Please keep your eyes and ears open, Ann Marie Shirran (nee Baggs) went missing July 18.
The following is from a news excerpt:
Ann Marie Shirran, 32, was last seen near the Kilbride area of St. John's, when she went for a walk and didn't come back. Friends say it's unlike Shirran to leave her one-year-old son's side.
Shirran is described as six feet tall with brown-auburn, shoulder-length hair. She was last seen wearing black capri pants, a white sleeveless shirt and flip-flops.


Cash Crop

This is an image of the first batch of berries from the garden-- some are a bit pale, because at the time our weather was so damp I had to race the slugs for produce. Now, I seem to be pretty safe and can pick just the right amount every few days for a treat at breakfast or for dessert.
Last day of EXPO in Downtown Corner Brook, noon-5pm!!


Food Fishery Opens...!

People are excited about the food fishery... although they say that the numbers in the Gulf have been lower than ever this year...
... the b'ys were out early this morning, not a dory left on the beach or moored on the water in our Bay...
Good luck to all-- fish and fisher alike.
EXPO: EAST MEETS WEST & NORTH Downtown Corner Brook today! If someone could cover my booth, I could enter the logger sports competition...


Arrival of the Royals

All my lilies are in bud or beginning to bloom...
.. now, I have a very heady bouquet of scents in the garden...
... and if the breezes are right, all through the house...
... there is a mixture of honeysuckle early mornings and evenings, wild roses sending their wonders from the driveway on up to the house...
... and now these very regal flowers really 'smelling it up' around here. It's really quite something!
EXPO today, noon until late, with laser show and music and activities and buskers...Downtown Corner Brook!


Honeysuckle Morning

Woke up to the scent of honeysuckle wafting all around the house this morning. The cooler night air seems to intensify the scent, and when we have a morning breeze it's everywhere!


Wild Orchids and Expos

Wild orchids everywhere! Bog Candles, Purple Fringed, and one of the most dramatic...
... the Showy Ladyslippers!
These are at the end of their bloom time, I am happy that I got the chance to see them this year--- things have been so busy that I didn't get the opportunity to go to one of my favorite spots where there are hundreds of the Ladyslippers...
... I was lucky to spy a few in the bogs on the way back from Gros Morne.
Tomorrow is EAST MEETS WEST EXPO in Downtown Corner Brook (noon until after the fireworks). I am working hard to get a few new designs ready, so come and check it out.


New Signs!

Finally, I took some time to build a sign for the road... it seems that people have a hard time finding the studio. I like the colours, however when the Fossils came out last evening, it was made clear that the wording is really not visible. So after the rains, perhaps I will get on that at some point.
I imagine that this smaller sign by the bridge will also have to be changed...!


View Through the Dock

The dock in Going Upstream has some transparent textured glass for some of its walkway, and it is interesting to see what could lie behind it. In this case, Bonne Bay! Check out Salmon Run at the Discovery Centre in Woody Point for more details.


Salmon Run has Migrated!

This is a view from the windows of the Discovery Centre in Woody Point onto the Tablelands...
... it is a beautiful backdrop for my installation Salmon Run!
Here you can see one panel and many of the fish...
...detail of the fish-- for the rest, make the trip to Gros Morne and see for yourself!
Because the installation took a while to set up, I also had the chance to visit with Molly and Austin in Woody Point, and must say was extremely well-fed and made very welcome! Visit their expanded and beautiful studio/workshop space while you are in the area. It's so nice to know good people!!


To Gros Morne!

I'm headed to Gros Morne today, to set up Salmon Run at the Discovery Center for the summer. Hopefully it will all go well, and I also hope that many people will get the chance to see this installation-- you never know, it only takes one person to decide that they want it!



I've been collecting driftwood whenever I get the chance in kayak or when we go out in boat-- pieces of old docks or camps or sheds that end up on beaches over the course of the year.
Slowly, these pieces are ending up as fish that will eventually swim around the house and studio. I think I need about another thousand for this school!


After All That Rain

The heat and the rain have been wonderful for the garden... I am happy to see some sun today, though, and hope that this continues. Even the couches have been damp and sticky-feeling over the past long while.


Visitors from Away

This summer, the stream of visitors seems to be a continuous one... we even find some to bring home...
....oooohh, scaaaary!
The Aliens have landed!


We Live in a Really Great Place

Yesterday, I was reminded again why life on this island is so wonderful. A person at the Farmer's Market bought one of my Colourful Codfishes and eventually meandered over to what they thought was their vehicle and put the glass fish in there to 'keep it safe'.
When I arrived home a little while later, someone else had left a message with my husband that one of my glass fish ('It's beautiful, by the way') had been put into her car. She also left her cel number and her name.

So this means that two people who parked identical cars next to each other both left them unlocked, in the city. And one could have just kept a beautiful 'gift', but called and made sure that things got sorted out.


Making Tracks for the Farmer's Market

Moose are making tracks...
...birds are making tracks...
... and the pink lady slippers are quickly disappearing-- all to the Farmer's Market on the Majestic Lawn, every Saturday from now until October, 10am-4pm!!!!!!



Flying the Flag

I wait for July each year-- this is the time of year when the blue flags run to the sea, a river of flowers.


More Weekend Happenings

Roz and Jason came over to use the studio to try out a few things for new products, and in between work, there was a bit of play. Hiin took us out in boat, and spent a good bit of time teaching them about skippering the dory.

When Nancy and Ken came for a lunch with their awesome boys, we went on a few little hikes-- to the Helicopter Lookoff, and to the Waterfall Trail. No matter how many times I see it, I am still awed by the beauty of this area, especially the rocks!

Ben... Levi... missed photos of Ken and Daniel...
...Nancy and Ben (small slip, no big deal)...


Blues Brothers in Gillams!

So many goings-on this past weekend, it has been tough to get sorted out and back at it. Becuase it was so busy, there were many documentary photographs, which will get posted over time (so participants, keep yer peepers peeped!). For today, though, thought I'd share a video of the jam session in the living room.


Phase One Deer Lake

My brother Aare (poor guy, thankfully almost always available when I need a 'guy') came out two days in a row to help me get Phase One of the Deer Lake Airport Installation set up.
It took us two days to find all the studs and bolt on a few pieces of aluminum tubing, which will act as the support for the remainder of the installation. On the fist day, only one person was allowed in the lift-- so Aare being a man, was the one to work with the airport's personnel... the second day, we were both allowed on the lift, as long as airport personnel were controlling the lift... safety first!


Two of my Favorite Things

LUPINS!!!! Over the summer months, the roadsides in Newfoundland are often covered with blooms. Hawkweed, Devil's Paintbrushes, wild rhododendra, and right at this time, lupins.
The drive from Humber Villge area to Pasadena is gorgeous, some of the fields are completely full of these beautifully vibrant swaths of colour.
I stopped with my brother, and we dug some up for his yard and for mine... so far so good. I have been planting a few lupins every second year or so, I would like to see some of the slopes around here just covered with them in the next few years!
The other favorite attraction deals with vintage vehicles... remarkably, right next to a set of lupins, there just happened to be an antique Prefect for sale....
... complete with red piping and cream seats...
... and a windshield that opens for what exactly, I don't know...
... but it sure is cute!
If only I had the lifestyle for that sort of thing!! This would certainly be a sweet A Stone's Throw Glass company summer vehicle-- not good for deliveries or anything, but let's just say advertising or something...!