More than just White Buckets!

After yesterday's comment on Facebook about the bucket I brought home from the sea (found during my paddle), and all the envy derived from the finding of said bucket, I thought I'd show off some of the other finds... buckets come in blue, too, and LARGE!

They are also very Useful...  can put things in them... like sand...
...which can be moved with the bucket to go in between the rocks that I also find on beaches to lead the direction to the greenhouse.
Now let's see the colour green!!!


Drizzle and Fog

Drizzle and fog aren't that bad around here, by the looks of things. Lucy and Rika came for a quick visit from the mainland, and Hiin took us all out in boat. Both guests were skippers of their own vessel for a time, never mind the wind and rain plastering faces, reducing visibility, lobster trap roulette, and quickly moving tides.
Lucy and Hurve 'avin' a laugh.

Rika, working on the skipper-look. 'Out to sea, Billy...'
Good times fun times.


It is a Different Sort of Day Today

Today sure is a different day from yesterday's Salmon and Sun kind of a day. I woke up to rain and quiet this morning, and within an hour it had changed to gusty and raining, and now it is very gusty and partly sunny... I'm trying to decide whether the laundry is actually going to dry out there on the line or not.


Besides the Colour

Besides the colour of my garden, which is always a joy, I think that the other most wonderful aspect is the smell of it all! With yesterday's warm (hot!!) breezes and gusty winds, the scent of the lilacs was blown all over the garden, and even up into my studio when the door was open. How amazing!! These will last until my wild roses bloom, I think, and the scent is strong as we have had cool weather. I can't describe how beautiful it really is.

Snow in July started in June... nothing the matter with that!

Nikki's mom gave me these in a small skinny bit a few years back, and they are huge and bushy and showy now. Love it!

Some plants I dig up in ditches along the side of the road... weeds, they're called. And thankfully they come back every year.


Stealing Hours for the Greenhouse and the Garden

My tulips are still going... only a few varieties left in bloom, but what a gorgeous burst of colour!

Got the roof on...mostly...

... and the beds made inside...

... even a little stone path for the boots! I'm still missing a few windows, but people will keep renovating, and over time I will be able to fill in the gaps. It looks like we may have to take a few trees down around the greenhouse to allow for a bit more light, which is really sad. We'll see. I think this year I will mostly just test to see how things grow in the greenhouse, and next year will know whether I can put in shelves and so on, and how the light is for the plants. Curious to see how Shawn does with her hanging tomoatoes, b/c I will have tonnes of room for hanging plants!

Azaleas in yestrday's sun! Last evening, at exactly 5pm, I shot out of the studio and stayed in the garden for the next 4 hours-- love having the light for so long, I got a lot done! The war against the weeds in the flower garden is being hard-fought at the ends of the days!


Hiin Explores His Creative Side... Again!

We picked up this hot water tank from the side of the road one day, and Hiin made it into a wood stove for his shed. When we thought we would get insurance and the agent told us we would have to remove this particular wood stove along with doing numerous other things, we did. It ended up that we still don't have insurance (not exactly sure why not, but there it is), but we DO have...
... are you ready for it?! ...

... A beautiful flower pot!! I have it by the greenhouse, still to fill it with plants, but that will most likely happen sometime today.

In the meantime, I was exploring my creative side with the greenhouse! Fun day.



Rhubarb, Cherries, and Forget-me-nots

Looks like we may have a great crop of cherries again this year, if the blooms are any indication... weed whacking is fun, leaving clumps of forget-me-nots everywhere to brighten up the landscape.

Beautiful flowers!!


From the Sea

Inspiration comes from everywhere, but lately mine stems predominantly from the sea. Pure silver capelin with sea glass...

...pure silver cod fish with sea glass.


Salmon Run Dismantled

My first solo exhibition, Salmon Run, is now over; I spent the past few days dismantling the installation at the Devon House Main Gallery and now it is back in my studio in Gillams. It was a great experience all around, I have certainly learned a lot! I am very grateful for all the help and support that was provided by Sharon LeRiche and her staff at the Craft Council, as well all the behind-the-scenes work that goes on every day to shine the spotlight on the artisans of this province by all who work at the Devon House.

Salmon off the river, and onto stands for individual sale.

Home to a beautiful sunset view from my studio after a long drive in the wind and rain.


New Pendants


... a whole range of different ones that came out of the kiln this morning...

...and a cute little duck!
Feels like summer!

Close to Summer

It's getting closer to the official beginnings of summer, and the weather sure co-operated yesterday! I was told that someone registered the temp at 28 degrees in the shade yesterday!!!!! So, am trying out a few simple ideas for summer pendants...

... and my tomato plants are hungry for the greenhouse to be finished. I keep telling them just a few more days... or maybe a week... they have very rigid ideas about how long 'days' are, and are not interested in hearing about the 'week' part. We'll see-- things are a bit busy right now.


My Kingdom for a Lap wheel!!

I decided to change the shape of my Midnight Raven bowl the other day-- just for fun, you know how it is-- and the mold broke, so this is the only bowl that will have this particular shape. I love the wide bottom and the high sides. I don't love the grinding... because the bowl was elliptical to begin with (meant to represent the universe), during the slump, the not-symmetry really became accentuated; I was wondering if this would be a good thing, but thought that most people would prefer closer-to-symmetry rather than the opposite... so I started grinding...

... and grinding and grinding and grinding with my tiny little grinder bit... so far 5 hours... then hand sanding with pads, working up through the grits...

... this also lasted for some hours...

... so now I am thinking about it and looking at my Raven in the studio, and will decide whether I should go at it again, or leave as is... and wondering why the Lap Wheels are so expensive, and only produced or distributed from the States, and have so much duty attached to their already costly shipping fees, and how to go about overcoming all those obstacles. So far, no good ideas.


Summer Daisies

I don't think that any other bloom reminds me as much of summer as do daisies (and their buddies, dandelions)... last Saturday, the sun was shining, and all the little daisies carpeting the Majestic Lawn were opening their faces, reflecting all that wonderful brightness!
So I made a few celebratory pendants...

Summer Daisies!


On Market Day I Met Morris

Morris. He's been around at least 30 years in this neighbourhood, and probably a long time before that already. Funny old thing.


Frog Skin for a Cod Skin

I'm working on finding different ways to layer colour and texture into my giant codfish (36" long), and I think I just established a neat way to get the glass frit to bunch up into patterns under a layer of glass to resemble patterns on fish and frog skins... Sweet! Now to clean up the joins of the top layer, and do a few test firings... Love being in the studio!


da Hurve Kind of a Day

Hiin took Shep, George and myself out in da Hurve for the afternoon... the water was glassy ALL DAY, and the sun came out every now and then to make for a remarkable day on the ocean.
Tiny starfish-- seen in massive kelp beds, like a starry night in a forest of water.

Shep, balancing his soccer ball and Wilson, found on the trip.

Gorgeous kelp beds.

Heading towards Dark Cove and the Blow-me-Downs after Woods Island.

Looking out to Wee Ball.

Goerge and the dogs hanging out in Dark Cove.

What a day!