Learning More Stuff for the Exhibition....

After the first disaster, where all the clay 'rocks' exploded all over my kiln, I took the long route... Thanks to Craig Strang (Meadow's Point Pottery), who delivered clay to my door (about a tonne of it, all the way up the stairs no less) along with instructions-- like DRY OUT the pieces for a few days before attempting a bisque fire--
...I was able to get all 200 or so of these things into the kiln, safely fired, and now...
... painted... kind of like Easter eggs, only clay, and so far they haven't broken when I've knocked them off the table-- by accident!... they are outside, drying out (again), and tomorrow morning, I get to set them all up for a test drive of Salmon Run. If you are in St. John's on the 8th of May, come to the opening of this exhibition, 2-4pm at the Devon House Main Gallery.


Batavia NY Glass Class

While in the middle of preparing for my opening-- coming up in about a week's time-- I took a leave of absence (senses) for some professional development opportunity... perfect timing... or something like that!
This was my teacher, Grand Pubah aka Deborah Horell.
This was my bed at Lance and Amanda's B&B.
And these are two of the things that I made during the class-- the other students all made vases, or vase-like shapes... surprisingly, I was the problem student in the class, couldn't come up with a vase. So here are Capelin and King Cod.


Eat Your Heart Out, Yogi!

A little sandpaper, a bit of oil or stain, and this old lunch pail will be beautiful to take food out of. I can't wait for LUNCH! Barb had a great garage sale this morning-- kidnapped Nancy for the outing, bought out Barb's sale, chatted briefly with Brenda and Shawn, and raced back home to get cracking... these days, the boss does not believe in Saturdays.
Shawn-- I hope you don't mind-- and as I type this, I realise that it is too late if you do-- stole your photo!


Working the Metal

Waiting for HOT steel... This blacksmithing requires a certain muscle set to be developed, regardless of one's strength... I can tell you, it sure warms a body up!
Drawing out the ends of the rod, shaping and flattening with the hammer.


Show Coming Up... Preparations Happening all the Time!

My brother, Aare, measuring out the framework needed to secure the leaded glass panels in the old 6' x 6' window. This is one of two 'sceneries' that I am making to act as the background for my installation, Salmon Run. The Opening for this exhibition is coming up waaay sooner than I feel ready for-- May 8th, 2-4pm, Devon House Main Gallery.
More or less at the same time (yes, it is possible to be at two places at once, not to mention to do several things at once), Hiin and I have been spending time with Mike Beverly, our treasured Blacksmith. We have been learning about blacksmithing, working out the design for the legs for my glass river pieces for Salmon Run, and enjoying great conversations and stories with Mike. This is the entrance to his forge and work space.
Getting things ready.
The beautiful anvil.
Hiin helping out... Mike needed someone to hold the other end of what is to be a hexagonal prybar. It's been a really great experience so far.


Moose Sausages = Love On a Sunny Afternoon

The BOSS let me out this afternoon for a few hours...
Shep had  a great afternoon...
... Hiin had a great afternoon..
...Hurve had a great afternoon...
...the sausages... well, they tasted awesome...
...Moose sausages, Madam...
Love on a sunny afternoon.


Sage's Family Gets Glassed-Up

This image gets translated into...
This image gets translated into...
These little sections are part of a longer panel that is going to decorate the cabinet door in Sage's Family's newly renovated kitchen. Perhaps in a few years, Sage's little brother will also add to the decor with his designs.


Handsome is as Handsome Does!

It takes a lot of effort to be stylish and hip:
Early morning hair-styling before work...
... this one might need more work...
...Oh yes, COOL and knows it!