I Have an Idea!

I made these up earlier this winter, not sure what to do, but I think I have an idea to try something... it will involve a little bit of weaving, perhaps silk, perhaps wire... will update when I get that far-- this was only a tiny interlude in the getting-ready-for-the-exhibition-work-and-planning...


It's All Piling Up

Left-over glass from all the cutting... cut cut cut... pile pile pile... sort sort sort... mess mess mess...
I'm going to have to hire someone to clean clean clean.


Dory Bandit

It must be getting on to a real spring-- Hiin's planning to scrape and paint the dory today if the weather gets as good as is promised... by the look of the glassy Bay and the sun on the mountains, I think it's going to be a stellar day out there! What a view!


Spring Gathering

This past Sunday, a small contingent of the 'Best Coast Craft Collective' met up at Craig's home and pottery studio (Meado's Point Pottery); nice to see some of the Woody Point people after such a long winter, nice opportunity to catch up! The vernal equinox has come and gone, expect warm spring-like temperatures and outdoor spring blooms any time soon...


Piles of Fish

Stacks of salmon, and...
... a growing river... Soon, if all goes well, I will be at the stage where I can actually start to put all of this together. May 9th exhibition of Salmon Run is a lot closer than one might think!


Sun Shines on Angels

It's a bit hard to tell, but this panel is not up against a window, so is a lot darker than what it would normally be. However, the way a beam of sunlight came in through the trees and the window and past all the other things in the studio to light up just a section of this angel is really quite striking. Spring is coming!


One Short Hour

Bobo the Clown joins the walking party...
...Hiin, talking to the birds...
...the birds hide from Bobo's camera...
...Hiin arrives at the helicopter look out...
...we can see to Lark Harbour...
...that makes Hiin all romantic; he loves Bobo...
...oh happy day!
It was great to escape from the studio, even if for one short hour-- so hard to stay focused with the great weather.


I'll Make My Own, Then!

I can't find 'disposable' (ones that I don't have to return) dummies, so I am making my own! Right now, this will be the first trial with plaster-- this trial was preceded by duct tape and a shirt, which was preceded by wet newspaper and fibre blanket-- and I think that I will need to resin the form so that it won't decay quite as fast when I try to manipulate other materials over it to make a mold that can be fired to high enough temperatures so that I can melt glass in or around it...

To be continued...


This Old Bed

My dad made these beds for us when we were young-- I think the two that we had have been in the family for at least 35 years; they were even bunk beds at one point, but their legs were shortened with growing children and many moves. This weekend, I finally took them apart-- moving my office from the studio to the little room upstaris-- and will use the lumber in my greenhouse building project this spring. A new kind of bed... for plants!


For Sale or Trade!! I Need Dress Maker's Dummy

Digital Photo Thing


Big Fat Fish!

Here's a trophy fish for the wall! The colours don't come out with this camera, but there it is-- lots of irridescence in tail and fins, and a neat fold in the tail which I doubt I could duplicate if I wanted to... ONE OF A KIND!


Sweep Those Chimneys!!!

We've had a fairly non-windy winter this year, and have an air-tight stove, and have been burning a fair bit of balsam and spruce... lots of build-up of tars and resins in the pipe-- so much so that one of our neighbours roared up the drive, work boots on ('Me wit' me old boots on!'), and ran up the stairs to check out the chimney on the second floor and in the loft. Apparently there were 6-ft flames coming out the top of the stack, which drew his attention as he was going past the house. Fortunately, they died out (but the pipes inside the house were some warm!!), and I let the fire in the stove die out completely...
Today, with Hiin holding the ladder, I climbed out to clean the residue off the top of the cap--- we got the brushes out for the inside, but quite honestly, she was as clean as a whistle! Word to the wise-- a good roaring hot fire about once a week can burn out any residue, so that the thick coating does not build up and cause a potentially more dangerous fire! I felt somewhat silly not knowing the fire hall number-- it's only a few houses up the road from us.

Thankfully, it was all cleared up though, and Hiin could get back to reading all about his Chatelaine girl.