The parking lot in front of Zellers offers a fantastic view of where we were on Friday...
...or, 20 minutes (if that) walking distance from the road close to McIvers, offers a view of the Blowmedowns to Lark Harbour, the North Arm Hills range (almost all of it, although the camera does not show you), Lower Cove, McIvers itself, my secret fishing spot, Woods Island, Weeball, and more... LOOK OUT is right!
I really love that rock!
Joy and Shep, signing the Guest Tree.


The Colour of Winter

Part-way up the Blow-me-Down Mountains...
...Closer to the top...

...on the VERY windy ridge-- Tina is not just posing with those poles, they are keeping her upright!

The colour of winter.

And just a bit more fun that these old hills throw our way... a hike up to the tops of these pristine mountain ranges, skiing across the top in the sun, sliding down to sea level, which just happens to be right on the salt water. This is our backyard!


Making Tracks

Someone is making tracks out there... going somewhere nice, somewhere different, having an adventure...
Well, me too! I found the tracks of a Giant Bird...


Sunshine (!!!!) on Independence Day

One Fossil at the Top!
One Fossil on the way... Sheppie, doing his job, guarding against sneak-attacks.

Oldsters, just about there...

We got together and followed part of the Appalachian Trail to the top of Barry's Lookoff to celebrate Independence Day for Estonia; no anthems sung this year, no trumpet blasts over the tops of the trees to the valley below, but we could see Deer Lake and Humber River, and almost Niki's office... (too many trees in the way-- the way Kruger has been clear-cuttung those back hills, one might think that the few sticks of birch left on the ridge blocking the view wouldn't have stood a chance!)
And the hoar forst was heavy on the tops of trees all the way up-- had to race ahead ot get a photo before it melted in the sun!


Sunny Days...

Every year, just in between winter and early spring, it seems I get some kind of deep chest cold/blocked sinuses that hangs on and makes it sound as if my lungs have been actually removed from my body... when Roz and Jason were here, I was not my usual energetic self; I have been sleeping (and Hiin has been making me take gross medicine) for the past two days... the fossils (aka migrant workers, aka work crew) have told me to make sure I look at myself every once in a while-- if my lips are blue-ish or purple, I need to get to the doctor-- it seems pneumonia is always lurking! Today though, although my breathing is still remeniscent of that of Darth Vader, I am feeling better, and there is a chance that we will see a bit of sunshine again...! So before I forget again, Roz and Jason are making plans to teach a 2-3 day workshop at my studio in May with PMC (precious metal clay) and enamels. Make plans to attend, it should be fun and interesting! (See previous blog posting).


New Things to Think About

Roz Ford and Jason Holley came to visit for a weekend for some professional development... we tried fusing woven, knitted, and crochet'ed metals in between layers of glass... with some nice results!
This thicker piece is one of my favorites-- the copper is completely encased by the glass, but because it was so much thicker than the glass, air was trapped in between the layers as well. The heated copper will continue to break down within that glass bubble and little bits and pieces of copper swirl loosely in this space when it is shaken. Very cool.

We also worked with PMC, and the possibilities seem to be endless with this substance. I forgot to photograph the enameled pieces, but we also melted glass frit onto the pre-fired metal shapes with great results.
Silver wire fused in another glass sample did not show oxidation... great potential again!



This might be the very last of our snow... the wave crashing over the roof of my studio...


A Death of Crows

A large number of crows flew into the yard the other day, sqwaking and squabbling in the trees-- they certainly have a lot to say. I wonder if they were the ones who brought the rain (again!!) and the winter head-sinus-chest-cold that I was certain was going to pass us by this time...


Night Ski

So much fresh snow last night... Lori came over and we went for a ski... with headlamps... can't even see the skiis under the snow, how beautiful!! Nice to get on the trails before the snowmobiles smushed it all down.

The bridge in the snow...

Sheppie, LOVING every minute of it!

Two happy skiiers in the dark!


Double Docks

They say that everyone has a double...  there are positives and negatives about it all; even our old dock can create one!


Friends Along the Way

Hiin and Ken, two of a kind! We were planning on doing a bit of fire-wooding with Ken the weekend, but he thinks that there won't be enough snow for his sled and skidoo to get by... I too am wondering whether there will be enough to ski on-- is it actually snowing, or just blowing around at minus 30?!