Skiing the Trails!!

Shep and I love the snowmobile trails that run into the woods and valleys behind our house... last weekend, we managed to get a ski in, although things were a bit dicey still (water, ice, rocks on the trail...)
I always encourage him to bring a stick, any size; if he isn't occupied in this fashoin, he tends to try to drag me along instead... herding instinct and all...

Towards the end of the run, there is always a chance for a snow bath, something else he really enjoys.
 And then, throughout the entire last week, we lost all the snow again due to rain... in January... but again we have hope, it started to blow and snow yesterday, and seems to be continuing today. Who knows, we may get out again this year!!


69 Chev Impala..

Thinking about what it would have been like to welcome a warm spring day, going for a cruise in the graceful Impala to check out the neighbourhood tulips... 1969 was the year for it!


Sunburst Raven

I started making a few Raven bowls before the Christmas Holidays, and just finished this large 22" bowl; I wish the irridescence on the wings was more visible in the photo. In anycase, the persimmon glass is quite striking...

...and although it is opaque, light still travels through. I'm very pleased with this one!


Custom Work

I love custom orders! Much of the time, working from photos and trying to fit a client's requests into a piece forces me to try something different, which is very appealing! In this piece, I wanted to incorporate northern lights (which meant a night scene), trees laden with snow (but as it is a night scene, can's be completely seen), ski trails, and the ski lodge...
... so for this one, I used a black background, which can be a bit daunting. In these photos, it is not very apparent, but there are a series of trees receding into the background, and a hardwood tree in the foreground as well-- these I made with clear colourless glass just to have the textured feel of having something 'thicker' (the forest) behind the trees in the foreground. Similarly, I used the same colourless glass to create a texture of snow on the roof of the lodge, as well as a tree line in the background as a silhouette. Irridescent glass above as well as on the 'snow' in front of the lodge reflect the light and give the impression of sparkling snow and sky. This doesn't show up in the photo as I would have liked, but it is neat to see 'in person'...


The Ice is Moving In

I love it when the ice arrives in the bay to stay for a few months... this year, though, I have this distinct feeling that I won't be skiing too often out there. I tried the trails where Shep and I normally go skiing out beyond the house, but they were still icy and had a lot of sections with water running through-- our little finally-the-beginning-of-a-real-winter-snow-fall did not really do as much to cover the land as I had hoped. With any luck, though, the ice will be fairly clear, and the skating will be out of this world-- there's always hope!!


Beautiful Greens

Green amaryllis! I have been attracted to green blooms the past few years-- well, half a decade, anyway-- and this year I splurged in early Novemeber on this one bulb... I love it! By tomorrow, it will have four blooms from one stalk, and in another week or so, the second stalk will also bloom. I haven't added these green tulips to my garden's collection yet, but I did try the same flavour of green in the gladiolus, and I love it. My flower and seed catalogues have arrived again, and although I said to myself that I don't need to expand the garden anymore this spring, Vesys, for one, boasts quite a few new green blooms in its collection this year... dare to dream!!


Two Hours of Packing...

My piece set for the annual Arts and Letters Awards is finally ready to be shipped to Sin City, after a good 2 hours of box building... I'm almost inclined to just let the packaging be the piece that gets adjudicated. Could the life of a maker be any more fun?


Just in Time!

Well, the weather had been so unseasonably warm for this time of year, El Nino having a powerful effect even way out here, and I thought that winter boots might not be as important for this year as they were for the past. So when I spied those bright yellow boots earlier, the ones that make the wearer burn FOUR times as many calories as one would otherwise burn just by having them on, I couldn't make the idea disappear. So of course I looked them up again, and found--much to my delight-- that they come in a whole raft of colours... which one to pick?! It was a tough decision, but I went for the bright red-- cherry red, in fact... so right in the nick of time, just when the winter winds returned with their minus 95 wind-chill-factor, shaking our home with their strength and scaring away the balmy rainy days, my new flashy rainboots arrived by post.
I discovered that they are too hot to wear in the house.


The Heart of Matter

Antique Heart Christmas ornament, handed down from my great aunt...
...matched with the heart of a tree, most likely from the same era... what is the heart of matter? What is the heart of any matter? What is the matter? Words... phrases...
Home is where the heart is!


I Love Migrant Log-Luggers!

My friend Tina came over for a coffee... little did she know that there was a toll to be paid before she could get in for the latte....
...ready, set...

...let's go Newbury!

Thanks, Tina!!
Please come again!!

Salmon and Salt Fish

I have an exhibition coming up this spring, so am working steadily at it these days... only 30 or so more left to do of the 99 salmon I would like to have as part of the installation... in the meantime, the salmon's relative is looking very nice in our kitchen these days too...
Hiin got my dad's recipe (based on my grandpa's recipe) for salting fresh trout or salmon...

..it is so good!!


Shep and Rhino...

This is Shep...

...this is Rhino...

...here are Shep and Rhino. Shep would rather stay inside and play with Rhino than go out with Hiin when he comes home... Shep LOVES Rhino. A LOT!


Think Hiin, Think!

Hiin is smiling, because I decided to try something out that I had read about earlier this (well, LAST) year...
...a clock with alarm capabilities, requiring no battery! Really-- it runs on water. Every 6-12 weeks or so, depending on the ion concentration in our tap water, the water has to be replaced; the energy comes from ion transfer onto electrodes on the back of the clock which are immersed in the water... Hiin really wants to figure this out; time for his Thinking Cap...
Think, Hiin, think!


Remembering Some Crispness

Not even a week ago, the air was crisp, and in certain areas, we could find enough snow to ski on...
...older Gentlemen were seen striding along on frozen ground...

...even Hiin enjoyed himself...

...and older Ladies documented.
Today it has been raining all day. Where's my winter? Still on its way?


Sunsets, Whale Tails, and Teddy Bears

Two daughters, different ages and different stages of drawings...
...it's all beautiful...

...from lavender teddy bears and purple kitty with a bow on the ear...
...to panoramic landscapes with setting sun, whale tails and flying sweets!

What a way to share memories and growth and art-- heirlooms!



Perfectly timed, the family who had commissioned a panel with five starfish, (one representing each family member), was able to come by the studio this morning to pick it up. They were so pleased, and I was happy with their pleasure, of course!
For the rest of the day, Hiin and I enjoyed the company of the various visitors who made the trek to our Open House... nice to have the chats, share stories and a bit of food! I hope this works out as an annual event, seems to be a nice and stree-free way to end the Holiday season and start the New Year! Have a great one!