Still Marvelling!

Every year, we say that we're not doing much for each other for Christmas, no-one really 'needs' anything... but somehow, there is always planning, thinking, and creating throughout the year, and surprises under the tree... my mama finished this beautiful quilt, something that she had been working on for years... ...my brother made us this awesome cutting board...
...Hiin managed to get the message to Santa, and lo and behold, there was a compressor under the tree, too! (Not-pink, but it has a nail gun, I supplied hoses, and it is good and loud!)

And good ol' Sheppie found a beautiful duvet cover and pillow cases that he knew I would really appreciate... what a dog!

Birds and flowers, he really knows me well!
Amongst friends, we seem to exchange food items, which is great-- right now, in fact, I am enjoying a cup of Blow-me-Down blend coffee from Tina, and am spooning a bit of the chocolate hazelnut spread to go with it... this jar is lasting longer than the first one, but only barely. And although I'm not broadcasting its existence, at least I'm not hiding it... that's kind of like sharing, right?


Return from Brake's Cove

We made the trek back along the beach, busy with sticks and stones and snacks along the way, enjoying the time. Our light was just ready to disappear, we caught a glimpse of sunshine (!!) in the distance, and were ready to head home to the warmth of the wood stove, good food, fun times.Rocks tend to fall on this trail, no sense in standing still under the potential hazards... here, you can track one's journey quite clearly!
Heading to the steep stairs, rickety, but worth the effort!

Looks somewhat magical... perhaps they were!

End of day, time to eat!

Our little house was full of people-- what a joy-- Karen and her family arrived, Tina joined us later for dessert, Peter and Logan made the trip for dinner, Tara and her boys arrived just as the first crew was returning from the walk, and 19 people ate beautiful foods from each family!


Off to Brake's Cove!

A good bunch of us met for a beach walk on the North Shore yesterday, happily missing the rain (yes, I guess El Nino is on the program this winter)...
...icicles en route became...
...jousting swords and ice sabres...

... the tide was out, and the walk was beautiful!

Beer (nuts) for the kids, go Mom, go!



I hope your Christmas is as beautiful as our day is today! Best wishes for a wonderful New Year!



My great friend Ed sent me one of my most favorite boxes in the world... Schweppes!!
I love the Schewppes box so much, because inside that one is a shoe box... and inside the shoe box is a twleve pack-- of coffee beans!!! When Hiin brings up the coffee in the morning, we get a real treat for a few months around the darkest days... the flavours that Eddy sent this year range from Celebes Kalossi to Southside Blend. This morning, we shared a cup of Rainforest Blend. Did I mention I love you, Ed?! Oh Happy Christmas!!


Narwhal Nature Lesson

Did you know? I sure didn't... the following is quite an informative sysnopsis about narwhals... fascinating, in fact!
Oh yes, keep on reading!! It only gets better!!

And this is the front of the package... Emily sent it to me as a delightful surprise... I got to know her a little bit over the time that she spent at my studio working on her leaded glass panel, and we had lots of good chats... but obviously I have not even come close to plumbing the depths of her personality... what a laugh!!
So now you know... the Avenging Narhwal rides again!


Longest Night of the Year... But Get Ready for the Brights!!

So it's the shortest day of the year today... and the darkest... I was looking for winter boots 'out there' and got distracted, can you believe it, when I espied these beauties!! Earth-inspired, vegan (yes, that's what they say, VEGAN) boots that make you burn calories like crazy while wearing them due to the special sole or something... how great!! Not to mention bright!! And electric!!



On the way home from the wedding last night--what a fun time, great band alternating between funk and Johnny Cash, what a laugh, we danced!!-- the stars were bright against that deep night sky, and I could swear that Santa was doing a few dry runs with his team of reindeer in the sky. Here is Prancer, at the ready. Can't wait to see them all!


Goin' to the Chapel...

There's a wedding happening tomorrow evening!!Hiin is going to get dressed up, I am going to get dressed up, and we are going to Marble Mountain for a celebration!! I made a cake topper-- I had no idea about cake toppers until Janice emailed and asked me to do this... she had to send me a link with examples... I didn't have a cake topper at our wedding, didn't realise I was missing out- but am looking forward to seeing this in action. After the festivities and cake business are all over, I will take the R back, and fuse a small panel with it, so that the Rousseau family can have a nice memory hanging in a window of their home.
Cake toppers and weddings... who knew?!


Pink Poinsetta, Pink Girl

This year, I happened to see this variegated pink poinsetta as I was standing in the check-out line at the grocery store (they really know what they're doing with all the stuff they 'just happen' to put out along those areas of the store!)- so of course I brought it home. Usually I tend to go for the deep, rich reds... but this is quite beautiful-- not to mention timely...!
...Dave's little daughter visited us for the first time, and at three, seems to be in complete control of any situation. This little Pink Girl knows all about eye shadow and lipstick and make-up, and asked me where mine was. When I told her I didn't really have any, she looked me right in the eye and said, "Get some!"
'Maybe if you're good, Santa will bring you some,' she suggested.
And she was so convinced about this, and so adamant, that I became somewhat hesitant to tell her that I had already asked Santa for a compressor.
Perhaps the compressor will be pink. I think I've been good this year.


Getting Our Tree!!

Getting a Christmas tree is one of my favorite things to do... each year, we find a pretty good Charlie Brown tree to bring home-- all of the 30 feet from the house! This year, we spent about 10 minutes contemplating tall trees, looking at their tops, agreeing that we could use the rest of the tree for firewood, regardless of its size, but then we spied the perfect tree!
It was growing sideways out of the bank, the butt-end of it no thicker than my wrist, scruffy on one side, thick-ish near the top where it had started to curve upwards towrads the light (obviously, it had been pushed over in a wind storm or a big rain fall, and the roots had slid off the rock it was clinging onto)... so lickety split, we chose that one and brought it home!

And now, it is adorned with my birds... beautiful, festive, wonderful tree!

New bird for this year!


The Soccer Match!

So this is how I decided to interpret a 3-year-old's drawings:The Soccer Match!
I used my 'splat daisies' that I had had on hand for some time--didn't have a perfect place for them until this work(!)-- to colour the soccer pitch; I decided that the razor-toothed monsters and the hedgehogs would be in the middle of an intense soccer match; the ball has just been kicked, and is up for grabs. Who will be faster, the eight-legged hedgehog, the six-legged hedgehog, or one of the razor-teeth?
Detail of the green long-toungued razor-tooth.

Detail of the purple razor-toothed monster.


Hedgehogs and Razor-Toothed Monsters!

When I'm not on my coffee breaks doing siding, or doing my morning chores, I have a few things going on in the studio. One of the projects includes a commission of a child's drawings... how to incorporate this little one's hedgehogs and monsters into a panel...Hedgehog with eight feet.

Hedgehog with six feet.

Razor-toothed purple monster.

Big-tongued multi-coloured razor-toothed monster. (BTMCRTM!) Tomorrow, I hope to post results of these!


Morning Chores

There's old Sheppie, 'helping' with the chores... actually, he's not so bad-- when I'm splitting the wood, and some flies down the hill, he's the one who races off to resuce the escaping pieces and hauls them back up somehwat close to the pile... and then waits for me to throw them for him, because that's what we are out here for!

And although I mentioned the word 'chores', there is something innately relaxing and definitely satisfying with bucking and splitting wood. What else could I be doing while I wait for the studio to heat up in the mornings?!
When the pile outside starts to grow, it just adds 'fuel to the fire', spurring me on to build it even bigger! This is what a warm winter is all about!


It's Beginning to Feel Like Christmas!

My year-round star is way more festive with just a little sprig of berries and colour...

...we were planning to get our tree today, but didn't get that far-- so my little stand-in will have to do for the next few days... but the anticipation and excitement is definitely there, I love our Christmas tree, I fill it with birds!
The front of the house and studio looks so nice, I love Joy's star!

The side of the house is definitely coming along... only a few more sessions and I can take the platform apart, I hope, and we can have our stairs back!!

One tiny little purple primrose, fighting the odds... how amazing! Wait 'til spring, little buddy, it will be more fun.

Still Siding...

Whenever the weather is 'nice', the Happy Sider is out there, working away for an hour or two... the siding will be done soon enough, until the stained wood runs out-- then it will be another project to finish in the spring!


Cold Winds...

Yep, it's been blowing 90, and it's cold. What a change from the rest of the fall... the side of the house has mostly Tyvek on it, and it's been flapping off its staples for the past three days and three nights. We nailed a few extra boards on last night, hoping to keep it on for a while longer, waiting for the wind to die down. They promise less wind by this afternoon; I hope they are right today... It would be nice to get a few more pieces of siding on before the next batch of stormy weather hits us full on!


Front Siding... and Joy's Star

The Hiin-and-Hurve team was hard at it over the weekend... with the help of two brothers, one from the Hurve side, the other from the Hiin side, thew new-not-leaky-or-draughty-window replaced the hole in the wall that was there for the better part of a day.... ... we were very very lucky with the weather, as by this morning, it looks like winter has finally arrived in Newfoundland... take a look at the view from the new window!!
On Sunday, we were able to finish the siding on the front, and hang Joy's star on the wall... I've been waiting for that moment for quite some time! In the spring, I'll finish the trim around the windows, it's too cold for paint right now. How beautiful!!