It's the Weekend Again! Already!

Sheppie, lying sadly amongst his 'sheep'. He gets discouraged with his charges after a while-- once he's herded them into a cetral location, I think he feels that it gets kind of boring flicking them around and herding them back if he has to do it all by himself... but at least now he's got my osprey to stare up at, and contemplate life with.
Because our ceiling is a bit low for the almost-life-size bird, we lie on the floor, with couch pillows under our heads and get lost in the dreams that this osprey inspires. This is what we see so much of the year-- ospreys soaring over the house, often with flat fish in their talons after the hunt at low tide, calling out to one another in their peculiar high-pitched voices... tewp, tewp...
I'm going to bring my Dreamer to St. John's with me if I can figure out how to transport without breaking... it's taken quite a while of thought and then 2 days just to sort out how to hang it... it's never just about creating, it's about the presentation too!!


Hiin Brings 'ome the Bacon!

A few days ago, Hiin called-- "Remember that guy?"
(I'm thinking what!?) "Oh yes, that one..."
"I worked on his rig, he's from Burgeo..."
"Right, the one who said 'Do you like seafood?' "
"Yes, really nice older feller, come back from away where his fadder decided to give up the crab fishing-- at 87!"
"OK, yes I remember."
"Well he came in and told me to come on out to the truck, he's got something for me. And he pulls out half a garbage bag full of crab legs. What do you think?"
"Well, really... there's half a bag? Or are there 2 legs each? (Hiin loves his stories to be dramatic, so I always check).
"Half a bag. Or so. I don't have time to open it."
"Well, b'y, drop some off at your mom's on the way home, and I'll call the old people, they'd love a great scoff!"
So he did, and so I did, and so we did have a great scoff, what a treat! Somedays, being a mechanic during tire season is a good thing.


BEST Coast Christmas Fine Craft Fair

Well!! After quite a roller coaster of a ride, and oh, about a million emails and phone calls and a few meetings to boot, we now have a venue for the BEST COAST CHRISTMAS FINE CRAFT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Niki used her many charms and we have the Marble Mountain Main Lodge as the venue, to be held Nov. 20-22 inclusive.... get ready to own beautiful hand-made art and fine crafts by the artisans and producers of the province, from the East Coast to the Best Coast! I'm so happy that this is coming together, and look forward to what promises to be a great event!! See you at the Best Coast Fair!!


Brothers in the Rain

This past Sunday was a big day for us... the cold weather monsoons were relentless, but one by one, three of Hiin's brothers arrived, toolbelts and raingear on, ready to go. I finished building the platform for the scaffolding, and the b'ys got busy with the shakes. We managed to strip the siding off, and insulate, tape and tyvek just over half the side... steep slope, steep roof, awkward angles, not much support, and a whole lot of never-ending rain... all in a days' work! Here's hoping next weekend we get one good day to seal it all up before the snow!
Thanks, guys!!


ACCCCCHHHHHH the RAIN!!! (as Hiin would say)

What a deluge this morning!!!!!!!!!!! Can't see across the Bay!!!!!!!!!!!!! The tin roof (well, metal, anyway) on my studio is singing singing singing!! We were supposed to be up and at it by the crack of 8 this morning to get the last shakes off the side of the house-- Hiin even organised some help from brothers for today, and we have to return the scaffolding this week also... at least it wasn't the ice and sleet they were promising last night. We'll see what happens the rest of the day.In the meantime, my studio is getting more and more crowded and cramped as I am getting closer to the St. John's Fine Craft & Design Fair-- leaving next Monday, I think-- aaak!--- my filing has changed from 'horizontal' to 'vertical-horizontal' as I try to time things like kiln firings of many-layered things, one-layered things, small things, big things, slumped things, fused things, and in-progress things... Here is my Midnight Raven, still in the cutting phase, but at least the design is in my head and mostly out on glass. If this all works out as planned, she will be flying into the dark night in an 18" bowl form. I can't wait!


Half-way There

The top half of each caribou get a rest; after I've cut each one out, I rinse it, and let it dry before being fused for the first time with its matching bottom half that undergoes the same process. It takes a lot to get Santa's Reindeer ready for the trip!



I was trying to follow another blog, but now am a follower of my own... HOW DO I GET OUT OF IT?????????????? Why can't I just delete??????????? Someone send me the directions I can understand, step-by-step, PLEASE!

Colour My World

I only have a very few blooms left in my garden, struggling with cold nights and early morning frosts, but at least there are still colourful leaves left on the trees... inside, however, my bromeliads are blooming, so things are still bright around here!


Studio Work

It's nice to see a bit of sun again, it's been dark and wet for a while... things are getting a bit piled up in the studio, preparations continue for upcoming fairs and shows, November will be a busy month! I seem to have less and less space on my work tables as ideas magically appear, experiments happen, and regular work continues. From what I've been hearing, it's the same for all the crafts people and artisans of the province, so I know I'm not alone...!



Making Tracks!

Like the early morning birdies, I too am making tracks... for the Fine Craft & Design Fair in St. John's, Nov 4-8!!
I've been carving out a new mold for my caribou, and I am pleased with the results. Order your beautiful Woodland Caribou now and be ready for the festive season (and the whole year)! Your choice of colours and poses.
Calm morning on the Bay... dreaming of paddling!


A Little Walk

Laughter lines, NOT wrinkles!!
Leaf litter, feeding the soil and smallish organisms.

Mossy greens.

Mountain ash, laden with fruit.

The falls where we take the kids (and ourselves) in the summers... big after another rainy day.


Tide's In!

I lost my shoes this summer while paddling... well, I lost them while I was not-paddling, actually-- at the time I was trying to get back in the boat and not crash on the rocks. I managed to find one the next day, high above the tide-line on a rocky beach close to the capsize point from the previous day's fun. Months later, Shannon went for a walk on the beach and found the other one that the waves had brought back home. Now I have a matching set again, brown stain prints from the boards I had been staining for the new siding on the house included!



Visiting Tonu and Tiina, spending time with Toomas and Triina was great, and although it was sad to leave, once I got to the world famous 401 at 6am and realised again that rush hour here was exactly that and more, the rest of the drive was not that tough...
Here, my brown-eyed susans are still blooming,

... Shep (and Hiin) keeps sharp eyes on every move I make...

...the Pumpkins are growing(!!!)...

...fall colours are at their peak...
...and the Ocean breezes are fresher than anywhere else I know... if home is where the heart is, my home is definitely here.


Wild turkeys in my brother's backyard-- Tiina keeps an eye on them and counts them each morning and evening when they come for their regular visits.
Flat farmland along the St. Lawrence, centuries-old farming communities, field-stone churches with steeples that are still the tallest buildings in each tiny community...

This should be enough info...

An ancient mill-house...

Narrow strips, running to the river.


Hay bales in ON
Geese travelling through, Cornwall...

New Brunswick experiencing 'the change'...
Fall just arriving...

Clouds bringing weather on the road.


Something About the Spots

I bought this printed fleece last year, meaning to do something with it... just recently, I had the opportunity to get at it... and I noticed that I had also bought a shoulder bag only recently with the same motif... it's not too much, is it?!
This, of course, inspired a few more creations: a school bag for my niece...

...and a super cool sweatshirt for my nephew!