Fern Fronds-- A New Bowl

Fern Fronds, 18" in diameter, 7" high is made of three fronds or petals, each decorated with a subtle outline of a fern frond and colours that resemble those of a forest floor.
Detail-1 of Fern Fronds

Detail-2 of Fern Fronds


Getting There...

Slowly, I'm getting there... almost all the insulation is on the walls, and the siding is going up as well. I only have one more window to do at the top of the house, and then I can get off the way-up-there scaffolding, so that is good. I can't wait to see what kind of a difference this insulation and vapour barrier will do for us this winter... but on the other hand, I still want more time before the snow flies! I wants it all!! Nancy came over for a visit, and poor thing, she got roped into working... what are friends for, I say! This summer and fall have been so busy that the best I can do by my flowers is to look and appreciate their beauty, that's it. These are late bloomers this year, I'm thinking that perhaps they like the cooler weather, because I think they normally bloom much earlier. Happy to see them come out! My crocosmia, beautiful as always... ...magenta gladiolus and sweet-smelling phlox...
...love the sun! Today is a studio day, as we have rain again, but that is a good thing... craft fairs and Christmas orders coming up, and I need to have stock on hand... it's going to be a tough balance, as usual!


First Snow?

First snow, or heavy frost? Or just bad eyes? I looked across to my wise old mountains yesterday morning, and I think the white highlights were snow... it was cool in the morning, and perhaps it was briefly cool enough over night to create a bit of the crystaline stuff...
...another view-- this morning, my friends were covered in fog, couldn't see anymore, so perhaps it was just a bit of false advertising, who knows!


Monkeybars for Bigger People

This past weekend, all of us on the North Shore were pleased... I could hear conversations and comments about how beautiful the day was from all over the place... our neighbour George from down the hill helped get the fourth level of scaffolding in place, and this was my view...
...this is me, all stoked about being on the fourth level...
...mostly, because this is the other view from the fourth level... surprising what a difference another 6-8 feet makes!

But the sunset was gorgeous, and although we were promised rain the next day, we didn't get it, so I had the chance to get another day's work done... the sooner I can take off a stage, the happier I will be!
I am one-third of the way done the top... these days, it's just a matter of clambering in and out from our bedroom window!


Other Things Going On

Just for fun, I planted a few nasturium seeds all over the garden, in between vegetables and in between flowers... right now, it's really beautiful how their foliage and blooms light up spaces that would otherwise be dying down about now! Two different types of clematis are still blooming profusely...
... like most people this time of year, we get fresh tomatoes everyday, just enough for a salad or another part of an evening meal...
...we're still wondering about the pumpkins-- there seems to be a lot of plant, and a lot of blooms, wonder if there is enough growing season left for the big ones!

Check out http://www.astonesthrowglass.ca/ for new work!



This funny-looking (read interesting) cactus with ridged sides, has a palm-tree-like effect on the top, and is blooming!! Amazing that the climate is good for these plants, seems to have alternated between warm, damp air this summer, to drier, cooler air now; they have recovered from their move from Emily's home to ours, and happily are doing well. I wonder what they'll think of the winter here?
Little baby cacti growing out from underneath the mama...

...Tex is sprouting growth on his head and all of his appendages...

...and this is just a nice photo of the gladioli in the garden, blooming everyday this month. I planted the bulbs as an afterthought when I happened to see a bag of them on sale in mid-to-late June this year, so I'm happy to see that they had time to bloom. In the meantime, their foliage really helped fill out the garden, so even without the blooms they are definitely a great addition!


Fall Weather and Projects!

I was lucky to get a bit of wood for the siding just a few days ago... lugged it home and have been stacking it in the triangle, in hopes that it dries enough to stain... given my house's tallness and narrowness, I like to stain the boards before I get up on the ladders and scaffolding, etc... and by the looks of it, it will be a long staining party-of-one coming up soon...!

We managed to get as many of the shakes off this weekend as we could reach, need one more set of scaffolding to reach the top...

The view from the kitchen window does not look too bad... it's only when one stands on the boards of the scaffolding and looks down that it gets a bit hairy...

And of course, the windy days that we have been having don't do too much for the feeling of stability up there, but on the other hand, the fast-moving air does help dry my boards. Yesterday, had the chance to start with the insulation... I really want to be warm this winter!



I'm really enjoying my fall garden-- I think that this is my favorite time (although I love the tulip-time and all the rest too, really) for the flowers because everything is filled in, lots of foliage, and I seem to have quite a few tall plants that all bloom around this time. The cooler temps again are making the flowers last longer, and I love the colours and the scents. These little ones are quite brilliant along the sides.


Lotta' Beautiful Tings...

Tilting Sunset...
Tilting... this little community on Fogo Island has a very long and interesting history of house/structure movement. As a house became too small or rundown, it would be sold to neighbours and used as a net loft or shed; as someone no longer needed a shed, or wanted a smaller (or larger) one, the shed or outbuilding that they owned would be sold or swapped again. Each of these buildings would be moved to the new owner's site-- these moves have been mapped out and documented in a book, Tilting: House Launching, Slide Hauling, Potato Trenching, and Other Tales from a Newfoundland Village by Robert Melvin. Touring the community itself is like walking through a living museum, and very beautiful, definitely worth a visit!

Local creativity close to Joe Batt's Arm!

Love the wooden flaked fish.

To my mind, the old fence lines are gorgeous.


En Route to Fogo

First lunch stop... happy to be on the road again!
Ferry to Change and Fogo Islands
The road signs warn for caribou, not moose! And we did find fresh caribou tracks on the beach where we camped--- the beast had been there while we hiked back to the car to get another armful of stuff... like pillows... so we missed seeing the animal, but neat to see its presence none-the-less. I think they should sell t-shirts! Fishing families are mostly all that is left here full-time... and the numbers are low!
We spent one day on a hike, exploring all kinds of things. Part of the trail leads through boreal forests (all kinds of mushrooms, Hiin used up all my digital film there), awesome blueberry patches, partridge berries, also beautiful bogs and beach cliffs. We also saw humpbacks in the distance, feeding, blowing, leaping out of the ocean splashing with flukes and fins. This part of the walk reminds me of Ireland (even though I've only seen it in the movies).


Surf Shore

Feet... one I lost while paddling after a capsize-- I was too busy getting back in and keeping off the rocks to grab the floating shoes, and a few days later, only found one yellow shoe at the high tide line on the shore. Hiin lost one of the blue ones last year during our hadventure out to Weeball and the far side of the moon. Luckily we were able to keep the right pair!
Surfers... these are the real pro's!

Hiin going out to look for one last ride... I was just in, and had this one brief chance for a photo to remember the day. Warm, no gloves, no hoodies, open necklines... the dream! It might as well have been Hawaii-- it was even warm getting back into street clothes!

Afterglow of a good surf session!

Lotta Legs! I love the shapes of these shore birds!


Patterns and Texture... Simply Amazing!

The eddy line in a small creek brings to mind The Scream or Starry Night.
Layers... like the beach is being tucked into bed.

Monet could easily take credit for this scene.

Reeds and grasses, always swishing with a soothing sound.

Weaving... Rilla would like this one!