Waiting for the Storm...

Well, we left yesterday and had a great afternoon surfing in Cape Ray... we did, however, play it smart and come back last night rather than risk getting caught in the hurricane... so this morning, had another chance to go for a paddle during the calm before the storm. Right now I am still waiting for the storm, my holiday days are going to disappear right before my eyes, so hoping it arrives and passes all in a big hurry without any pain.
Batten down those hatches!


Gone Surfing!

The peas are busrting, the cucumbers and zucchinis are stretching, tomatoes are happening and Hiin got his week booked off-- we're gone! Enjoy your time!


Maybe We'll See Some!

This plate and bowl are a newer pair that I made, thinking about our upcoming holiday; humback whales migrate to the North Atlantic to feed on krill and smaller fish (tens of thousands of pounds consumed per day!!!) every year during the summer months.
We are planning to go to the northeast coast of the island soon for our annual vacation: surfing, paddling, camping, and walking... maybe we'll get lucky and see a few of these beauties off shore amongst the icebergs!


Woody Point

View from Woody Point... the Woody Point Writers Festival was held at the Heritage Theatre again, and was a great success all around. I was glad to get out there this weekend not just to see what it was all about, but also to get the chance to see Jennifer Galliot's new art studio where some of my work can also be found.
The building used to be her grandfather's fishing store, but now houses a place to enjoy and pruchase art, as well as different types of art workshops throughout the summer months. The back deck has a phenom view!!

Right on the main road in Woody Point, Galliott Studio!


Keegan's Glass Class

At work...

...Keegan's tile ready to go into the kiln...
Et voila, the final product!
After that, an evening of marshmallows with his Uncle Ian.
Life is good here.


Keegan's Visit

Young boy, full of energy and life! Keegan spent the day with his Uncle Ian-- they went out in boat to the camp at Dark Cove, over to Woods Island, scoured many beaches on the way there and back for seaglass, and then when he came back we went to the creek for a quick dip.
After walking up the creek past the swimming holes, we checked out the falls-- pretty big after yesterday's heavy rains... not to mention just a little bit chilly!
Testing the waters and enjoying the falls from the top.
Monday I am going to Woody Point to set up for the upcoming Writers Festival...(looking forward to all the performances!)... and Keegan will be moving on to stay with another part of the Manuel clan! We're both interested in seeing what comes out of the kiln for him-- of course he had the opportunity to make a tile to take home with him in the studio; perfect rainy day activity.


Migrant Workers Arrived On Time!

Beautiful pink lilies waking up early in the morning... love the stamens and detail!
Some migrant pickers aren't always all that pleasant about their duties..

...beautiful cherries, waiting for the pickers...

...some migrant pickers love their work!

And of course, have to have the guard dog to make sure the workers don't eat the produce and cut into profit margins! The good news is that I was able to trade a big bowl of cherries for the loan of scaffolding, and another bowl of cherries for the loan of a truck to get scaffolding here... no cherries for Hiin this time around, but that's ok too, we might have a warm house this winter instead!


Cherries in the Orchard

My little cherry trees are full-up with fruit... I'm hoping my migrant pickers will arrive tomorrow to get the crop in...

... There's Hiin, already picking!

First cherries, ready for pie or something! Beautiful!!
My salmon pink lilies in the sun (yes, more sun!).

And the super tall, very pale pink lilies with great detail in their hearts. Lovely.
If you haven't yet, check out www.astonesthrowglass.ca !!


www.astonesthrowglass.ca (NEW WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Well, just got back from Mount Pearl Monday evening, yesterday was a get-over-it-and-unpack-and-sort-things-out-day (and see what's new in the garden... love the fragrances!!), and today I am starting back up again. Mount Pearl was an interesting 4-day event... exposure and I'm hoping the seeming potential will pan out soon, we'll see. It was also fun to meet new people, make a few more contacts, hear live music, people-watch like crazy (I don't see all that many of them here in Gillams, that's for sure!), and sort of relax, if that's possible (when I'm not at home or in the studio, I don't have too much to do!).
The big news, though, is that while I was away, the last things for my NEW WEBSITE were completed (by Matthew Hollett, http://www.matthewhollett.com/), and although I have to make a couple of changes on some existing information, etc., it seems to be done, and I am happy with it; I would like some feedback, though, and a chance to practice working with it, so please take a moment and have a look, and send me comments via the website: