More Blooms... the Weather has been Great!

Purple Iris
Yellow Iris

Spoon Flowers (well, not really, probably, but they look like spoons to me!)

Butter and Eggs- wonderfully scented azaleas

Beautiful Brown Eyes



The fog started rolling into the Bay the other day, and then running, then galloping... I have not seen it on our side of the Bay as thick as it was; after sunset, it was as if someone had whitewashed our windows, all we could see was whiteness, no detail of anything.
For a brief moment, it seemd as if it were going to clear off, then whammo, WHITE.


More New (Newer?)

The beginning of a commissioned cabinet door, with fiddleheads and fern leaves...
Fern Leaves just before first firing in kiln.
More renovating... I just finished removing the rotten old bridge and steps from the house...
...Hiin was pretty happy ('Oh good, you're starting on the firewood for the winter!'), until about 2am last night; he got up to 'take a walk' on the bridge, and it wasn't until he was halfway out in the air that he vaguely remembered that perhaps there might have been something that he should be remembering about the bridge... like the fact that there might not be one anymore... and unfortunately now has a gash on one of his feet, but at least no broken bones!
Framework for the new bridge underway...!


How Sweet the Blooms!

Tangerine azaleas, fragrance floating on the morning fog...
...I wish I could send the scent of lilacs along on the internet; I place mine on the windowsill, and the gentle breezes we've been having lately send this all through the house...

... outside, these lilacs offer a heady fragrance that wafts up to the deck or any other part of the garden...

...last of my tulips, some fragrant, these not so much anymore...

...sweet cornflowers-- growing by the roadside ditches and transplanted to my garden!


Changes Around Here

Tex, our newest plant-family member was born at a Cactus Farm in Edwards, Mississippi; Emily couldn't take 'him' across the border to her new home in Seattle, so this cowboy is staying with me!

Parts of the old siding sliding down a pretty steep and high part of the roof... I'm starting this summer's project, insulating the house from the outside, and adding a vapour barrier, and replacing siding...

...So far so good, I didn't fall out or off, and the seams are taped and taped and re-taped! I'm determined that we are going to be as warm as possible this winter!!
The view from up here is always breathtaking... summer waters, often calm calm calm...

... inspiring a glassy dory. This one is for Caroline, she lives in New Orleans.


Summer Blooms

Yello Lady Slippers are out in the woods and fens RIGHT NOW-- time to go see them!

Sunburst of colour in my planters... annuals sure add vibrancy to any garden.

Lily of the Valley... what a sweet scent, not to mention a wonderful naturalizer for shady areas.

My spindly crabapple, blooming again!

Beautiful hosta after the rain.


Early Morning Fadder's Day

Serious Captain, going out ot sea... hoping to catch a few sea trout for Father's Day.

Frist catch was a tiny sculpin, with an extra large head...

Second and last catch was a much larger sculpin, who was in the middle of eating a sea crawler-- but jumped at the bait we offered... yuck!
So at home, I put my little espresso maker to work...

... and am enjoying my Father's Day beautiful perfect coffee on such a fresh early morning. How nice to have had the small rain shower last night!


Kites and Summer Breezes

I had a great afternoon when I left the studio today; I met up with Niki (Knixhandknit) and Shannon (ShannonAnn) down by the beach in front of Shannon's house... and spent my time with Shep, Sage, little Malach, and the ladies. We flew the Phoenix right close to the sun; only the innocent remained unburnt.


Yesterday evening, I decided to take advantage of the (GLOAT GLOAT GLOAT) beautiful weather, and scrubbed my living room and kitchen rugs down out on the deck. With the PLUS 27 degrees they are promising for today (WAY MORE GLOATING), I figure they should dry nicely in the fresh air... now, keeping the beast and his muddy paws off the rugs is another story entirely!


Rich Black Earth

Today, finally, I had the chance to get some dirt... so after three truckloads, and a LOT of wheel-barrowing and shovelling, and one load of sand to mix into this rich stuff, we are going to call it enough for this year!
I also found two beautiful flat stones, and used those to start a set of stairs... the slope where we live will require quite a few more to reach any kind of height... I figure there is time enough for finding just the right stones to add to the beginning steps. On the way home from second trip... dirty dirty girl!

And the setting sun brightens up the lines for the suncatchers~ what a beautiful day!

How it Was

Old boat with original in-board engine-- beautiful lines... I wonder if she has a mast and sail as well. What a difference from the barge in the background!
Shore lines... tide's on the way out.


How the Garden does Grow!

Violets gone wild!

Beautiful saxifrage!!

Cherry blossoms galore!

Bleeding hearts, loving the partial shade.

The first apple blossoms... can't wait for more!!


Emily's Panel is Done, Right on Time

Emily, showing off her panel for Otis, just short days before her long road trip...

Beautiful butterfly, lots of great colours and movement in the design!

And over the course of the weeks, I too was working on a small panel; this one will go to Labrador to try its luck. It is called To the Sea, and represents a char just entering the salt water and great kelps that it encounters in the fjords.
Detail of To the Sea-- again, (perhaps as always), I am stoked about the different types and textures of glass in the piece. Hopefully someone at Flowers River Lodge will like it just as much this fishing season!