Coming Along, despite the Interminably Cold Weather!

Several varieties of tomatoes in the new vegetable patch...
... more tulips to bloom this week, perhaps, or early next...

...mudbirds from Mississippi-- Emily is moving with her family, and some things just won't fit in the van...

..little yellow tulips, now seven blooming (up from one!!), and striated species arriving behind them... all in good time they say!

Early morning openings... as soon as things cloud over or the wind gets too chill, these ladies close up shop as well.

Sheppie's Favorite Swimming Hole...


Right now, the water is still a bit 'noisy' for Shep-- in the summer, when the falls relax a bit, he charges in after us without a second glance... today, the water temperature is rated icy. He does, however, wait long enough for the eddy to bring him back his stick.

MOT'S Panel is Complete!

Beautiful dragonfly, cruising over the fields towards the sun.
Mot, happy to be done, and ready to make as many panels as he can create- self-sufficiently! Excellent work!


New Vegetable Garden on Its Way...

More earth to be brought from the back roads to fill up the vegetable-patch-to-be.
White anemone plate on a warm olive green... beautiful fresh spring green!

White anemone on pale blue-- makes a very soft-looking bowl.


Having my cup-o'-tea after 'rooting around like a squirrel' in the garden... getting a start on the weeding in the flower garden, and the fruit garden is also looking good so far.
My brand new tulip beds, soon to bloom when we get a bit more heat!

Look at all the blooming potential!

Hiin, cooking up a storm, burning brush and cleaning up the yard.

My flames, still my favorite, still great to look at everyday. And did I mention, do they ever shine in the rain!

New Things around the Studio

View from outside the studio, over the roof to the mountains.

View inside the studio, new sushi plates.

View alongside the studio, pussywillows!!

Mayflowers, new, beautifully scented, behind the studio. I get to enjoy all these views from my windows, tell me life is not great!


Studio Lessons

Shep the gargoyle.

Tom just about ready for soldering his leaded glass panel.


Beautiful Blooms!

It is so nice to come home to tiny little blooms that liven up my garden. Yesterday was the first real day of sorting out what is going on with my green friends-- maybe 100 tulips will bloom soon, a whole variety of sizes and shapes... I love the stripes on some, and the crinkles on others-- so much variety!

Primroses abound-- meant to separate these, but didn't get that far yet, so will wait until they finish blooming, and can spread them around a bit more. They are amongst my earliest bloomers, usually see colour when there is snow on the ground in the rest of the garden already, and with the cool breezes off the ocean, they stay for quite some time.
And new this year are the hyacinths-- large blooms, laden with scented blossoms! Even though we don't get the hottest weather on this island, at least my flowers can show off their dress for a long long while!

Happy to see these flames arriving-- they are my second variety of tulip to open, and when they do, the red-orange colour is so vibrant and striking, I always stop to gawk for quite some time. Like the neighbourhood decorative lights that brighten up the snowy winter nights, my flowers are always a wonder to me.

Stripes, soon to bring blossoms!

As I separated strawberry plants, and planted blueberry bushes and raspberry canes in the fruit garden, I also dug up a bucket of potatoes that somehow got missed last fall... sweet sweet spring!


The Changes in the Weather... Summer might still get here!

Last weekend (first one in May), we ended the beautifully sunny day with a fire on the deck, enjoying the sunset and the companionship that such an evening often brings...

...Hiin, loving the cranberry tea...

... and one week later, there is no fire in the pit...

Winter returned just in time to blanket my primroses, tulips, and everything else that has been working so hard at emerging and trumpeting the warmer weather... and made Mother's Day just that much more interesting.

But Sunday evening, when the tide was way out, a minke whale came feeding right off the end of the dock by the water, chasing herring I think, breaking the surface of the still waters with dorsal fin. How great!! No photo documentation, though, it was a moment to enjoy rather than capture... which is to say I was not quick enough!


Thursday Evening Classes

Emily, piecing together her glass puzzle on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings... It's going to look so beautiful, I can tell already!


Beautiful Sunday with my Little Family

Sheppie, looking out to sea from da Hurve.
Tea for two gardeners on Apsey Beach; Hiin cooked us up a fine breakfast that we ate in the warm May sunshine... what a day! And then home to start on our new vegetable garden... oh yes, something will come of it this year, I know it!

Going home with a boatload o' treasures... beachcombing supreme!
Fishermen were on their way out with the ebbing tide.
Rusty old things... left on our beaches from sloppy inconsiderate travellers on the sea... what is it about throwing garbage into our oceans that seems okay to people?


Fish in the Sea
Picasso and more postmodernists... wow!
Impressionistic view of the Bay and a poppy...
Wild garden and a colourful puffin... great variety and great results from last weekend's class!