Saturday Afternoon Fused Glass Class

This Saturday afternoon was BEE-YOU-TI-FULLL! And a family o' friends came over to the studio to learn about fusing glass...
The studio door, open to the sun and warmth of a great day...
Happy poeple, children and adults smiling a whole lot...
... and working hard...
...and enjoying the finished product before it gets heated in the kiln...
...last minute adjustments... so the anticipation begins, I wonder what the projects will turn out to be like?


Last Day on the BLOW-ME-DOWNS for this year...

Overlooking a great winter camp spot...
We bumped into some oldsters out on the hills, leaping about like gazelles...
This is the life!

Last Day on the BLOW-ME-DOWNS for the year!

Half-way up the hill, what a view to the Bay!

A little further up, still a very nice view.Ol' Sheppie, not doing so well with the Doggles today, things are too exciting...

Searching for those FIVE elusive moose across the top!

I could say "What a day to NOT be in the office!", except that this kind of IS my office... these are the places where I do my research, and what inspires me!


Cute Litle Butterflies!

Results of the Kid's Glass Class!
I think they're all pretty sweet...... love the detail in this one!

The Giant Strong Butterfly! (Owl butterfly, really)

The smaller lacy ones...

The Dragonfly variety... we got them all!!


Witless Bay

I completed this panel, and I have to say I am very happy with it-- I really do love the glass that I used, I think the colours and textures are beautiful!

Kids Glass Class!

Seven children, aged 5-10, came out today to learn a little bit about art with glass... what a hoot! Here they are, happily drawing out their plans...

... and then transferring these designs to glass, getting it all ready to be put in the kiln.

I can't wait until tomorrow, when I get to see what they created! And I have to admit, I wasn't sure whether this age group might be too young, but they did really well, and I would love to have them back again!


Jiggle Birds in Action!

Despite the blowing snow (!!!!!) (ugh!), jiggle birds seem to be fine. Their dangly little legs jiggle in a breeze, and altogether, they certainly add colour to the winter garden (I mean spring or summer or any time...). The stakes are quite sturdy, stainless steel, 1\4" thick, and epoxied with weather-resistant stuff, strong! I just listed these on Etsy.


Easter Monday Hike

The trailhead, part of Appalacian Trail System, takes the hiker up the BlowmedownsOld partially-covered mine entrance.
Narrow trails, wind through forest, open areas, look-offs.
View part-way up from a look-off.
View of Weebald, part-way up the trail.

Easter Mon. cont'd.

Lori and the view of Bay of Islands South Shore.

View of Glistening Blowmedowns-- yesterday, the snow turned to freezing rain in the afternoon, and covered everything.
Inukshuk half-covered in ice, standing guard.
Shep, waiting in a cool ice bath.Frozen rain, thick on the tiny vegetation.

Easter Monday cont'd

Frozen grassy stalks-- look really great!
Two good buddies, having a laugh.

Shep the poser... where are the doggles?!

Colt's Feet, blooming on the sunny banks already!


The Easter Bunny Made it to the North Shore!

Need I say more? Were you a good person this year?


Yep, sorry, couldn't resist, the Bean looks so cool with his doggles.

A Day on the Annieopscotches

By the road, there was snow to ski on, enough to get in between the tuckamore and larches and rocks, although a lot of things are sticking out...

... then came the little dip that sat in a shiny wetland area...
...which was still good to ski across, clisters, etc., be dammned!
... and then we got to the hilly section again, which had just enough beautiful corn snow-- not to mention sunshine added to the day, GLORIOUS!-- that we could ski all day... and the view from the tops, all the way to Burgeo and surroundings, went forever. My camera batteries did not.


Jiggly Bird!

Trying something new for spring-- jiggle birds!! There's an indentation on the belly for a metal stake; I'll glue the stake into that groove with epoxy, and the multicoloured birds with their jiggly little legs will spring out of the garden along with all the blooms and foliage.



I've been waiting for these for a while now-- I decided that I would use some of the money from The Rooms' purchase of Green Tea in the Afternoon to buy sunglasses for Shep... ok ok, sounds crazy, but those UV rays must affect animals as much as they do us. After that crazy beautiful bright day on the Blowmedowns, my eyes hurt even with sunglasses, and I imagine it must have affected the beast also. So here they are, Doggles!! What a cool-looking beast! I imagine they will be good for the summer-- seeing as the BAY ICE IS ALREADY GONE, we might even get a hot one this year (ice left a month earlier than last year!!). WOW!


It's Really Still Winter Out There

Yes, that is the view from my studio roof... what am I doing on the roof when there is still a load of snow and ice on the same surface? Well! Let me tell you... they are promising rain (you know, 'they'), and that just won't do. I left off late last fall, it was snowing then too (as it was today... also rained a bit... then snowed a bit more...), had temporarily dealt with the lack of proper flashing for the roof, where the studio butts up against the house. Which meant that when it rained in the middle of the winter for two days (yes, I know, crazy weather), my roof leaked...
So today, Gord at Metal Specialty (love those guys over there!!!), fabricated new flashing, a bit wider than the original stuff that was not made for this roof, and I brought it home. Took all the siding off, put on the flashing, put on new tyvek, and started to take the nails out of the siding so I could put all that back on too.

Happily for me, Hiin got back from school early today, and was ready and willing to help out; so he got the job of removing nails while I was hammering things back, and then towards the end, he hammered on the last of the boards, and I finished off the last of the battens. That last bit of help made the job finish before 5pm, sweet!! Let it rain, I say, let it pour down in buckets, might as well test drive this effort!!