March Meeting

Our group of West Coast Crafts-persons (Craft Co-operative) (we still haven't worked out a concrete name) met at the Crow's Nest (our home) yesterday afternoon to catch up, to discuss new ventures and ideas, and to share information and stories. Again, we have new faces in the group, and happily welcome them into this -- so far-- sisterhood; the more the merrier!! Barb Hunt will have her work in an upcoming show in Montreal, Jennifer Galliot, Hilary Rice and myself were fortunate in that the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador acquired a piece from each of us to be part of the permanent collection at The Rooms, Nancy is so close to finishing her Art Degree, Shawn is selling like crazy on Etsy, Niki made her first two sales on Etsy also, and so much more... things are going on!
By the sounds of things, we are trying to plan a two-week 'Shop' at the Cottage Hospital sometime in July, sharing the space with L.A.W.N. (League of Artists of Western Newfoundland). Looking forward to being more than a virtual shop-keeper for a day! Also, we are going to take part in the Woody Point Writers Festival, setting up a large booth that will showcase work from each of us as well this coming August; summer is going to be a lot busier than anticipated!
It was great to see everyone who came out, it seems like a long time since the last chat-- sunshine brightened up our hillside in many forms. And I ate the last choclate that Barb brought this morning with coffee... makes it a lot easier when there is a carrot (literally) to entice oneself out of a cozy bed!


Corn Snow on the Mountains

Corn Snow and sunshine...
...slushy footprints on a softer ice...
...splits and cracks, leading the way to Weeball...
...hot days bringing summer tans (on faces)...
... and the old wharf starting to make an appearance from under the blanket of ice, all signs of another spring coming to the island.

Refinished and Returned!

I measured and measured and looked and measured and brought home two dressers from the Emporium, hoping that they would do the trick for display and storage in the Studio...
... after spending the weekend stripping the old paint, sanding down the sides and drawers and tops, and then lathering the old dry wood with a mix of linseed oil and turps, I tried them out for a few days. There was no getting around it, they were too small. So I brought them back; they are now available at the Newfoundland Emporium.


Working on a New Commission

I'm working on a commissioned panel -- this one is of a specific landscape in the Witless Bay area, late summer. Usually, I start with rough sketches (this time from photographs and discussions with my clients), then move on to creating a cartoon that will work for the glass.
After the drawing is done, and all parties are happy with it (including me:-)!-- very important afterall!), I start to choose the glass. Sometimes when we are discussing elements that need to be in the panel, certain glass gets chosen off the shelves already in anticipation of what is to become; quite often, though, these choices evolve and change as I am working on the separate pieces... In this photo, the textures and colours of the glass are 'off', as the piece is lying flat on the worktable; can't wait to see it with natural back-light!
Finally, starting the leading process-- this takes a bit of time as well! Hopefully in the next few days, I'll be able to tell whether what I had anticipated from the glass will appear as hoped for!


The Big Ice has Movement

Spruce budworm in all the trees... I'm hoping that it's just a small amount, and that our trees can withstand the attack; otherwise there's a good chance that most of the hillside will be wiped out because of these bugs. Right now, the dead branches are bright red-orange against the snow, which is attractive, but not so much if you know the reason for it.
The Big Ice... stretches on for a good bit, and still solid, but we are seeing more splits, with water in between. Right now, they're giant ice pans; wonder how well we'll do copying pans when they get to real break-up size?

Hiin enjoying the sun. It's so nice going for a walk in sunlight after work!!


Kitchen Cabinet Doors

I'm trying something new: using decorative fused glass panels for kitchen cabinets, or any other cabinets... these first ones have butterflies, but I've also been working on a design with big RED poppies. The Butterfly Doors are now at DesignCor in the Industrial Site, where I hope they generate some interest in commissions for people wanting to redecorate their kitchens; I imagine they would be some nice with backlighting.


Today was the Day

Today I spent the gerater part of the day building this Etsy Store... the photos took forever, trying to follow directions took forever, changing photos to suit the size restrictions took forever... it was three o'clock before I got to this point... and I have other things that need to be doing, but I got inspired by Nikki's Store, and thought that I should get it over with, see what happens... you never know!


Great Hair Day

It's been a while since I wore this hat to town... I forgot the reaction that goes along with it. In anycase, it was cold enough to merit wearing, and quite a few people stifled grins, while others had to check a couple of times before they were sure it was me. Very funny. This Icelandic lamb's wool is very warm, can't knock it, and as far as I am concerned, it will always be stylish!

The Chandelier

Me fadder built us a lamp for Christmas, and now that things have gotten mostly sorted around here, Hiin finally had the time to hook it into the existing outlet. The cover is made of pieces of the boxes that encased the wine we had at our wedding-- the lamp was wrapped in the cardboard box that our one magnum of wedding champagne came in. Nice memories! This past Saturday evening, the fossils came to dinner, and I know he was pleased to see it in action.


Cozy Bed in new Bedroom!

We hauled down our bed from the loft, taking all the dowels out to take this masterpiece apart, and after a bit of a struggle, we managed to fit it into the new bedroom. There is just room enough to walk all the way around the bed, so no more climbing over one or the other to get out; no more clumping down the steep ladder-stairs from the loft in the middle of the night; and we can stand up in the bed without hitting the ceiling! Not to mention the phenomenal view-- what a place to enjoy the morning cup of coffee... things are looking up!

Still Thinking about that Sunny Day

Shep came home after the 8-hour hike with a sunburn on his chin, lips and nose... today it is trying to be sunny, but I can see the wind throwing the snow over the tops of the mountains, and it still looks mighty cold over there... hoping for more of that magical March winter weather-- sunny, still, and crisp.Climbers, making their way steadily up the slopes.Ptarmigans, wearing their winter whites.
Happy to have had such a beautiful day!
Hiin and I made sushi together... he figures if we have burgers on the side it would be all right!

On the Way Down... What a View!



Fellow Newfoundlanders Lost at Sea

Today is a really sad day, the minus 30 degree weather with the wicked chill of the winter winds, seas easily six meters in height, erasing any evidence of potential survivors from the Cougar Helicopters crash. Yesterday, Newfoundlanders and Labradorians all kept hoping that there would be more than the one survivor from the crash, hoping that somehow, despite the empty lifeboats, that the remaining 16 people that had not been accounted for would be found in their survival suits, hanging in there... our hearts and thoughts go out to the families and friends of the lost; Ian says it is hard for him on another level also, because there are so few of us here on The Rock, that to lose any one of us, is like losing a distant memeber of the very large and extended island family.

It is so cold out there.

Blow Me Down Day

Ptarmigan wing tracks and foot prints.

After climbing up then down to this valley, we are headed to the peaks in the distance......Getting a little bit closer...Sitting pretty on the peak, having me dinner with a view... fantastic 360 for thousands of miles!
On the way down, Shep waiting for the rest, keeping a good eye on the folks in the valley below...

Blow Me Down Day cont'd.

Blue and white, the perfect colours for the perfect winter day... got a phone call this past Wednesday morning to go for a hike up the Blowmedowns, and for the life of me, I could not think what could possibly be more pressing...
A camp, snow-deep.

Brown rocks and windswept snow on a ridge.

Rocks that look like bones.

A little nest, hoping for tenants in the spring.



Green Tea in the Afternoon was purchased by The Rooms (Provincial Art Gallery of Newfoundland and Labrador) through the Art Bank program!! What wonderful news, I am SO pleased-- this is my second piece that is now part of the provincial collection.

Still Stoked about the Sunny Day!!

Hiin, just off the hill with a few logs to heat the house for this week. Perfect day to be a lumberjack!
That's our little community Gillams as viewed from the Bay.

da Hurve, waiting for some thaw!!
Sunshine on the Blowmedowns.


The Excitement Never Ends!

Houston, we have a closet!! All that is left to do to have a bedroom (with standing room!!), is a little bit of wiring, a big bit of cleaning, taking the bed apart in the loft and moving it down to the New Room... Maybe by Monday?


Butterflies and Fused Glass Lessons!!

Beginners' Fused Glass Lesson Set for March 14, 1-4pm,
will incoporate The Butterfly Project / The Holocaust Museum (In an effort to remember them, Holocaust Museum Houston is collecting 1.5 million handmade butterflies. The butterflies will eventually comprise a breath-taking exhibition, currently scheduled for Spring 2012, for all to remember. As of Summer 2008, we have already collected an estimated 400,000 butterflies.)
While learning the basics of Glass Fusing, make two butterflies; one to take home, and one that will be sent to the Holocaust Museum.

Transformation Time!

More mess... (what a surprise!)... my old studio, undergoing transformation into The Bedroom! So far, the walls and trim have been painted, and the floors are in progress...
Ash hardwood flooring, going down!

A start on the other end of the room... very old-fashioned colours!
One half done, the other on the way... now I'm onto building the closet-- our first closet, how romantic!!
Ol' Shep, always good for a laugh at the end of the day.



Water Lily Dish (12")
Large Tulip Bowl (18")

Showy Lady Slipper (12")

ECMA's Mini Craft Fair

Shep scared of the noise of HUGE lakes of water splashing over and under the car on our way into town... we had some rain, which was very strange-- not quite ready for the snow to be gone yet!

Shannon has started to make felted soap boxes, felted soaps (exfoliating), and bibs and face/head scarves.
I think these were Rilla's, Breanda's, and Shawn's scarves and shawls. I took more photos of people, but seemed to get backsides and blurrs for the most part those days...next time!
Molly's hooked mats; she also displayed knitted hats, and Nikki's knitted tuques as well.