Saving up energy for the weekend Fine Craft and Art Exhibit and Sale at the Pepsi Centre (Sat. and Sun.).


A Little Seal comes in the Bay

Shannon called me the other morning, telling me about this little seal. We think the poor thing got hurt over night, and jumped out onto the ice to escape whatever it was... and in the morning started the trek along the ice to get to open water. It was tough to have this little beast go it alone, but that was the advice;Shannon was able to watch him go along the shoreline and then all the way past the first point in our bay... long ways to go like that! Here are two of the photos that she was able to take before he disappeared from sight. Good luck, little buddy fare well!


Shep got a new 'sheep' to herd for Valentine's Day, to join his squirrel. He refuses to go to bed without them...I can't resist teasing him sometimes...
There's the big strong mushing dog; now that it looks like he's all right with the harness, we're going to start learning about left and right... then we'll hit the trails! It's so great to have this patch of ice and snow move in right in front of the house!


Kayak Sledding 2009!!

Tina coming to an abrupt stop-- it took a while, but the track finally got icy and FAST (and a little bumpy...more fun).
Sorry Nancy, had to put this one in, how funny the expressions!!! Three bundled onto/into the kayak, what a great sled! For the last run of the day, the three 'mature' women piled on for the bumpiest, funnest ride of the afternoon, screeching all the way down like geese (or something).

Racers on the GT's, going faster than the rest.

Bruce sailing close to the wind! (or ground!

Ben roaring down to the finish.

...Kayak Sledding Cont'd...

Levi, happy to brave the kayak.
What a laugh!

More fun, somewhat rough on the landing, but great times!

More carnage!!! Yee-haw!!
Racers make it down the hill.

War on the Slopes!


Nancy's boys had a great game: 'aggressive physical contact, mortal combat allowed, but no more snowballs'... oh yeah!

...Kayak Sledding Cont'd

Kaden after his first run, eager for more!!
Happy to be alive, what a beautiful day on the North Shore!!
War on the slopes...
...the undisputed winner of the boys department!
The tough slog up the hill with multiple kayak-bearers! Beautiful Sunday afternoon, lots of fun, no major injuries, and a great potluck dinner afterwards by the woodstove. What could be better?!


Happy Valentine's Day!!

From this... ...to this...
... to this...... to this...

... to this!! A long road, but worth every bit of effort! Special thanks to my dad and brother Aare, my main crew, my mom (secondary crew), Trudy for help with plans, and to Hiin for the wiring and support on all fronts. Also thanks to all who came out to help celebrate the HOpe-ning, despite the surprise 59 million cm of snow--it was so nice to see those who came out to spend a few hours and see the sights!!


Tomorrow is the BIG DAY

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, something to celebrate for sure, but also it is the day of the Grand HOpe-ning of my studio, which is something that we want to celebrate even more in some ways. Hiin has been working at the wiring, and we have most of it done-- enough to get started and to have light and some heat, in anycase. While working at that, I was also able to get some of our living room space sorted out a bit more to my liking, and beacuse I moved the tonnes of glass downstairs to the studio, we even got rid of the post that we put in three years ago... room to move a bit!! Now, I will finally be able to enjoy my new workspace! There will be things to pick away at, fine-tune, and so on (I already know I have to build more shelves and incorporate them into more storage space somehow), but for now, it is so NICE not to have to go at it 24-7... or every single evening after my paying gigs... not to mention every minute when I don't get paid:-)!
Ian will be so happy to finish his part too... been hanging over the both of us for a while. Today, though, I arrived home from work late, Hiin had gotten off early, so he cleaned most of the house, and fixed the last lights for me, and I must say that was nice to come home to!!
Now I get to work on a few projets and experimental ideas that I have in mind, while thinking of a colour that will work for our bedroom walls... that's right, the room that used to be my studio is now going to be our bedroom... we'll have space to stand upright, and I am going to convert the previous glass-storage area into a closet--yes you heard it here first, we will have our FIRST CLOSET!!! Tell me that's not the most exciting thinsg EVER! So there are (as always) things to keep me entertained... and I have to figure out how to take tiles off without breaking them, the entrance floor really needs to be insulated better than it is-- when we experienced the -30 weather (again!!!), that hallway was cold enough for icicles... in fact, the snow from our boots did not melt...
Anyways, that's it. Tomorrow I will take photos-- I still have to do a bit of organising and cleaning and hang a few things, etc., before the official opening time, so when I am done that, I will have time for a few snaps. Lovin' every minute of it!


Black Betty Does more than just Heat!

My chef hard at it! Our stove bit the dust for the fiftieth (and unfortunately LAST) time almost two weeks ago, now, but thankfully Ian has started to sort out cooking on Black Betty... the winter BBQ at -30 degrees was getting a bit much, not to mention somewhat repetitive (not to mention carcinogenic, and all of that good stuff as well). It sure adds flavour to weekend eggs and bacon, or tortelini and sauces, grilled cheese sandwiches, and so on. What a life! Not sure when we'll get the chance to go hunting for an electric range, but for now, not the biggest issue-- now that we've got some basic cooking maneouvres worked out with BB.


More Changes...!

The living room FINALLY is open-- my brother and I removed the post that we put in to hold up the weight of the glass when my studio was upstairs...

Aare also made braces for the existing beam-- this week when he gets another day off from work, we're going to put in two more for the other beam. WOW what a difference to the feeling of the whole space!!
One of the first sheets of glass to be loaded under my newly built worktables-- how beautiful in the sun!


More Progress... Maybe

Can't remember whether I had posted this before or not... tried something new in the kitchen-- mix and match (well, sort of match) cupboard doors and handles... why not?!, I say!

Second coat of varathane--the fumes, people, are making me crazy(er?)--on the second side... and beginning to grout the tiles...

While the floors in the studio are drying, I am replacing a few things in the living room... like the diagonally slanted boards... and hope to change a few posts and shore up a few beams while I'm at it this week as well...

...the (only) draw-back, of course, is the living-room-hell we step around all the time... our space is so small that living-room-runs-into-kitchen-runs-into-dining-room. We haven't seen the table since before Christmas. Soon... I hope!! I might organise a search, prizes to be discussed later, of course.

Third coat on the first side of the floor. DONE!