Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for a Wonderful New Year!!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and had the chance to enjoy the season's holidays, family and friends as much as we did (even though this year, none of the 'little kids' or their families were able to come here for the festive occasion-- they were definitely missed!)! This year, Christmas reminded me of the times when we were young-- everyone made gifts this year, and the lead-up to the big day was just as (if not more so) fun as opening the presents. It made it really heart-warming during phone conversations to hear updates on who was working where, using what tools or materials 'on the sly', and what the trials and tribulations were for each project, big or small... Memme borrowed books on felting wool from the library and followed directions (for once!!), and then when the hat she made would not shrink no matter what she tried (and trust me, the whole household got in on ideas on how to get it to shrink, from boiling until all the water evaporated from the pot along with the original wool colour, to using the dryer, etc.), so finally she cut it in half and made two... and then another great one for Aare...
Partridge berries freeze beautifully in the fall, ready for sauces to be made in the winter!

Va'isa built a bench or stool for Memme.The Crew Boss left presents with Santa for the construction crew...
Shep left presents with Santa for CC, and he was such a good dog, he even got his very own squirrel this year!


Charlie's Christmas Concert


Charlie is a singer, and what a voice he has... we played a few carols together, and I tried to record some of the masterpiece performance... don't worry about the beginning, we were warming up, and after we get started, don't mind the trumpet, it is hard to play when trying not to laugh. Enjoy! And best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and the new year to all.

Table Mountains and Bald Eagles

Table Mountains, ancient and wise.
Bald eagles in the water...
More bald eagles, fishing.


Sand and snow and ice on the WINDY beach...

Shep waiting in the blustery weather for the slowpokes to catch up and throw the stick...

Sweet little Charlie getting in on the action...
Hiin is freezing...
So am I! And looking very much the northern girl...


Charlie looking for me when I got out to photograph something...
Me and Charlie...
..Charlie and I...
Little Cutie. Well, we had a great time meeting Charlie, I am so happy to have had the chance to spend time with him, and am very sad to say that our time together is ending. Charlie is a Beagle, and beagles are scent hounds, and a few times he 'escaped', only to run towards the road or highway. It is hard on the little guy walking with him on a lead while Shep is free, but it would be worse to see him get hurt, and I don't want to take the risk. I know he will slip out from my grasp again, and I don't want to be the one to see the end of this super friendly, energetic, sweet-spirited dog, so he is off to find a new family that has a large fenced area for him... a new pack to be a part of...


The Beasts are Playing... Tug-of-War!

Dreaming of the tropics... some day we will get there... heat, sunshine, warm water... ahhhhh! Plumeria, a Christmas commission.

Ready, set, go!

And they're off, Charlie using paws and all to get a better grip... whosoever has the most toys in the end, wins-- funny how that seems to be prevalent in so many societies!
Charlie settling down, but keeping beady beagle eyes on Shep...


Shep and Charlie on the Beach

First time off-lead for Charlie (with me, anyway), and he chased Shep for all he was worth for a little while... then as we moved along the beach, he caught scent of Roxy, and the chase was on! After a few minutes, I had him on the lead again, so we walked while Shep chased sticks, then we tried again... lasted a couple of runs, then off on a scent again... that's just the type of guy he is, though, and hopefully we can come to some understanding, because life on a lead is not so fun for any of us!
Shep, describing how the stick is really only his...

... still really only his...
...ha ha, all mine...!

Charlie having a nap (thank goodness!!) after the run... didn't last long-- about 5 minutes, and then he was busy busy busy again... what a laugh!

Charlie's Come to Town!

Charlie the Bugle, watching Shep eat... ('His food must be better than mine!')
Let's talk about something that's hiding in the woodpile!!

The Beast found his own bowl!! How exciting! Nice ears!
Hi... I'm so cool...
So that's it, Charlie has been here for a day and a half, and he is 7 months old. This made us realise just how MATURE and RESPONSIBLE and AWESOME Shep is, all over again... Charlie is puppy puppy puppy!!! And busy! He made it through his first night, and although there are jealousy issues and territorial deals yet to be forged, both hairy beasts spent the second night on the same couch, under Charlie's special PINK blanket! So perhaps we'll make it through together until spring after all!


Getting Close to Christmas!

Our tree, full of birds......cute little birds, and shiny birds, and strange birds... love the birds!
Orca, commissioned 12" bowlThe winds blowing at us, coming down over the Blow-me-downs... COLD!!

Thankfully, I'm at the insulation, the studio is warmer than the house... another project for next year, finally wrap and insulate the house properly, what a difference that will make!


Having Fun Filling Small Orders....

First Robin... the expression sure makes me laugh, I almost want to keep this one!
Blue Jay, proud as can be... as per instructions! Also waiting for an orca bowl to come out, see how that went... tomorrow will tell.



Every year, my buddy Ed send us coffee beans from around the world, and this year's instalment has just arrived, what a decadent pleasure in the mornings!!
Today my sweet husband brought me a taste of Mexico to bed-- I am so lucky, every morning Hiin gets up to read the news, make coffee, and we enjoy a cup in bed before the jostling and bustling of the day ahead begins. It really is my favorite time of the day, and with these new taste sensations, I really look forward to the end of the day so I can wake up to this treat the next!


Craft Fair has Arrived and Left and now it is time to CALM DOWN!

Any Mummers 'lowed in? This was the favorite of all my work at the West Coast Christmas Craft Fair!! Fun!! It was really nice to see artisans and crafts-people that had been to the fair last year, and so many new faces as well... quality and quantity of work was very high, andthe atmosphere delightful, waht a great fair!! Also fun being next to Nikki, her colourful hats and legwarmers flew off the racks, and everyone loved her innovative eco-bracelets!
My personal favorite of my work... woodland caribou-- would love a space for a whole herd in my house!

Birds and trees and angels... the birds did not sell again, but I really like them, so insisted on making them yet again... oh well, Chrsitmas is coming!

Glass bowl made of recycled glass fomr a 100-yr-old house in Pouch Cove... hard and brittle glass, but very elegant effect when it turns out! This one is quite sweet.
Hats off to Nancy and the committee, I thought the fair was awesome, and looked great!