The 'Last' Time on the Roof Before Spring... I Hope!!

In between flurries, I went up there one more time, to install and adjust some temporary flashing that Hiin cut for me... hopefully it will do the trick until the warm weather comes back... in another six months!


Getting Ready for the Craft Fair and the L.A.W.N.Exhibition

The house is a STATE these days, as I try to balance glass, construction, paying bills, and my marriage... Craft Fair in less than a week (!!!) at the Pepsi Centre in Corner Brook, and League of Artists of Western Newfoundland annual Christmas Show (The HeART of Giving) starting the same weekend at the Arts and Culture Centre in Corner Brook.
Green Tea Afternoon, my piece that will be in the LAWN show.

Dandelion Jump, a commissioned fused-glass panel.

Chickadees... for the Craft Fair!!

It's Snowing on the Roof...

Fresh snow on the oh-so-close roof... I finished the strapping, we got the caps on, and got busy with Tyvek and the roofing metal...
Santa still helping, despite the weather and closeness to Christmas...

Aare cutting a few corners into the edges...
Yesterday, with the wind and snow, we finished covering one third of the roof. Today with the snow, then rain (and what was threatening to be freezing rain), although we got soaked to the bones, the roof is on and as complete as she's going to be for this year, I think. Now, I have to get the fans and the heaters on to dry out the rain damage that's been happening for the past two and a half weeks while we've been waiting for the last roof-parts... and that is a story in itself... I will NEVER spend my hard-earned money at the local Riverside Dr. lumber yard again.


It's a Blow-me-Down morning out there today, first heavy frost, dusting of snow on the mountains, and puddles frozen over.

The sun is out, though, if only for today, and will start to warm things up the tiniest bit.

Trying something new: First Frost on the Mountains


West Coast Christmas Craft Fair Coming SOON!!

A herd of glass woodland caribou I'm working on for the upcoming Craft Fair at the Pepsi Centre, Nov. 28-30!!


Codfish and Dories go to Olympics!

My codfish platters went to Germany this past October to be part of the Culinary Olympics, commissioned by chef Roary MacPherson. He represented Newfoundland and Labrador, and in doing so with his food presentation, won a bronze medal!! I made him six 16" codfish platters, three dory-shaped sauce dishes, and one large four-ft long codfish platter with removeable head and tail.
Dory-shaped sauce dish.

Six small cod-fish platters, and one dory.

A fleet of dories.

Four-ft long codfish platter, and white dory on top.

White dory.


Studio in the Rain

Aare on the measuring, cutting and staining ends detail...
All the rain buckets that I could find... roofing material still not completely here... hopefully before the flood, the tarp will not last much longer...

Getting set for the afternoon of work.
Studio attached to house. Can't wait!!


Studio coming along over this way!

Memme staining the siding boards... she hasn't been able to quit her painiting job yet...
Aare at work...

My crew, showing up at noon daily!

The old man, moving up in the construction crew responsibility and pecking order, becoming indispensible...

The walls are going up!! My studio is taking shape!

Oh, the Studio...!

The boxes for the footings...

...and more diggings and footings...
...taking off the rebar for the sonotube posts...

...finally a nice day in late September, the beams are done, the posts got poured, adn we had a beer while looking at the view...

...even the oldsters are getting in on this family show...