Working on a Couple of Things...

I am in the process of making double-walled glass dories... working out the bugs, like the glass bubble in between the layers being incredibly fragile and cracking during cold-wroking process...
Pre-cut and edged dory.
Quiet day for the Caledonia to 'sail' away.
One of two-panel commission, Tropical Paradise.


Digging Post-holes Over 'Ome

Shep looking for his buddy Frisbee up in the tree... with his camping packs on because he likes them so much...
There's my man, digging, digging, digging!
One down, thirteen to go....

Dig, Hurve, dig!Fall storms bring all kinds of beautiful things our way!


Green Gardens Hike and Overnight

Here come the hikers, each one with his/her own pack!

Going to visit Ivik, my favorite rock on this hike...
Here's the Bean, trying hard not to laugh when he's told to get up and hit the trail!

Having a good time!

Hot tub formation in the lava... very interesting!

Shep in the sheep fields of Green Gardens' trails... loved trying to herd them right back to us.
Starfish at low tide... tide pooling was lots of fun with this past weekend's really low tides.

Big rolls of petrified lava flows... lots of crazy rocks and conglomerates, etc. along the way.

A chocolate lab decided to join our little campfire for a while, and stayed for mango tea.

We voted for Wallace all the way back to the parking lot.