Getting Ready for the Studio-- Finally the Excavator Came!!

You can see the excavator through the window... my studio will be an addition to the side of the house, keeping fingers corssed that I can get it all banged together before the snow flies!
Here's Devin at work... dig, Devin, dig!
Just finished a panel for some folks in the Valley-- they wanted whales, blue flags, and burning boats... Both this one, and the heron below have a lot of irridescent clear textured glass, to allow for maximum light to come in, but still give interesting colour on cloudier, darker days.
Another panel just finished for some folks in the Village-- this will fit exactly into a living room window, at eye-level, as if it were a painting on the wall.
The Bear-- commissioned piece for a New Baby's Room... this one is fused and leaded glass.

Around our Hanniversary!

On our Hanniversary this year (well, actually,two days AFTER the date because we both forgot the actual day-number...), we cooked a fancy-shmancy gourmet meal together-- if you've ever seen our kitchen (smaller than the proverbial postage stamp, but cozy), or witnessed Hiin's cooking style (all over the shop), this was quite a feat! Not only did it tase really really good, it all came together well, and we both enjoyed the experience!
Went for a paddle to Apsey Beach again, beautiful sunny day, what a great afternoon to be on a beach somewhere! Water was actually warm, and the breeze was toasty, and the ospreys were flying everywhere!
High fashion makes it to the Newfoundland beaches.. Shep and his platform sneaker that he found, good for chasing ALL DAY LONG!
Hiin found a new mouthpiece... not going any further with that one...

Fixing up da Hurve with resin, fibreglass, and new paint!

Summer Days are Coming to a Close...

The Caledonia sails into the Bay early one morning...

My gloxinnia is blooming like crazy this year, with GIANT leaves...
Hiin gave me this plant when I came back from a trip three years ago... what a difference!


Cape Ray, Looking for Surf and Such

Sea urchin test just floating with seaweed on incoming wave
Mink tracks... two black mink appeared from underneath the bank thta we were camping on, howling and screeching, chasing each other up and down the rocks... Shep was interested, but held back.
Tiny little bird tacks in the sand-- hard to choose which ones, there were so many different types of foot prints this weekend, but I liked the criss-cross path that these ones took.
Playing with Shep... we get easily amused by the simplest things...
...like long hair, for example... Anyways, the forecast called for crap weather (which means good surfing here in Newfoundland, most of the time), but we did well in that department. No surfable swell, so we went paddling along the coast instead, old King Tut (Shep) sitting on the middle of the kayak, enjoying the ride. We also fished along the way from the kayak, and Hiin caught seaweed, but then later had a HUGE bite (which didn't produce anything... almost a good thing, as the area we were in is home to hundreds of sea birds, and it would have been really devastating to have caught one of them on the hook...!), and I caught a moon snail. What fun!

Whetting the Whistles

Aare, testing one of MANY whistles for sound-carrying-qualities...
View from Barry's look-off
Shep, having a quick drink
The Fossils, manning the base point
Roses in the mountains


Another Hadventure with da Hurve

It seemed like great idea, the seas were fairly calm and the marine forecast was calling for lightening winds overnight... so we packed our gear to go camping on Woods Island. As we neared our destination, we thought, what the heck, let's check out Wee Ball while we can, seeing as neither one of us had ever seen the back side of the rock...

Going around the back side, swells were large, but wind low...
...beautiful old rock, gulls, gannets even flying overhead...
Of course, as we were ready to leave, the wind had suddenly picked up, the sun was setting, and we needed a place to stay... Wee Ball was not the spot, so we made it towards Lark Harbour, and pulled up the first beach we could get to. The waves were big, the tide kept coming in, the boat got swamped on shore, we had to take the engine off to be able to pull the boat up. We couldn't bail fast enough, so in the end, da Hurve basically sank on shore, and got banged around a bit over night. We had just enough room for the tent on the rocky shore, the waves were licking the flaps at high tide. Luckily, I had packed pj's, so i got dry bottoms, and Hiin got a dry top for the next day...
...Hiin's warm-up dance...
Still having a great time, one adventure after another!

After Getting Out of the Swell

da Hurve...Aftermath; only a few rocks and bits of beach left inside the boat, one lost shoe, and a whole lot of wet... but safe and happy!

While we're just drifting in the safety of this harbour, why not cast a few times...I think we caught soemthing, Shep!!
And looky here... our first codfish of the season, how tiny, poor thing! And how beautiful!
We arrived safely in Lark Harbour, and were welcomed by the Coast Guard, who gave us dry clothes, put our wet stuff in the drier, gave us hot drinks, tour of the Cape Fox, and leave to store our boat at their docks until the weather calmed and we could get 'er back. My brother gladly came to pick us up, with news that my dad was still stranded in Labrador, now with everyone in their group having mover to one tent, and people taking turns standing guard with rifles as there seems to be a polar bear showing interest in this tiny community... and no chance of getting out yet due to weather... to be continued!

Sour Cherries, Ripe!

First few cherries picked, how beautiful!!

Aare helping to pick...

...Memme helping to pick...

...Beautiful bowl for me, and more that got shared...
There they are, in all their glory!


Great Day at Sea!

Nancy and her three boys en route... braving the mighty HAtlantic waters...

Tina and Lori and more of the troops... and all the gear!
The old dock, barely there.
Yellow jacket, yellow canoe, low tide, end of day.
Low tide finds in the sand.