Hiin had loaned his dory (aptly named da Hurve of course) to his brother Dave for the past week (visiting from Onterrible), so Saturday afternoon when the tides were right, he drove back from fresh waters of Steady Brook to the salty sea of the Bay.When he got out in front of our view, he stops the boat and gives me a call (Yes b'y, we 'as the technology out 'ere I tells ya'!) "Missus," he says, for it being an overcast and cold, gray day, "meet me here on the beach and I'll take you out to Woods Island to watch the sun go down." So with my winter tuque, parka and gumboots on, I walked across the road, down the hill, and we went off into the sunset. It was very romantic.
On the way home, however, romance had another meaning... just past McIvers, the gears in the motor got stuck in the off position, and the pull-cord was locked tight (use yer own description of tight). We created oarlocks with the painter (rope), and started to row... after a while, we decided that we'd best head ashore, and one of us could pull the boat, while the other pretended that we were in Venice and poled the craft to keep 'er off the rocks. This worked until we got to Apsey Beach, where we hauled 'er up and parked 'er for the night. From there, we scrambled and scampered and slid and tripped and held hands on the flat sections of beach where we could walk without tripping, all the way home in the pitch black. But that only made the bioluminescence all the more sparkly and magical... and supper at 2am was delicious, thank goodness Hiin is great cook!!
All in all, though, I'd do it again, the sunset alone was worth the effort!
Bundled up on June 26th... HOT HOT HOT... on a mission to find the sun.
Look, there it is... SUN!
The scenery out here...
... beginning of the sunset...
Three buddies on Woods Island... continued in next sections...

Hiin & Hurve's Sunset Adventure cont'd

da Hurve waiting for the sunset to end to get on the go again...
Blue flags on Woods Island
Hiin steering away from the setting sun, maneouvering through some chop
Beautiful, mysterious WeeBall
The Bean, enjoying the sunset from da Hurve. Good night, sun!

Hiin & Hurve's Sunset Adventure cont'd

Passing Bird Island...
... Love...
...Shep playing in the golden sun...
...What view!
Walking back in the dark.

Hiin & Hurve's Sunset Adventure: The Next Day!

OK, OK, I realise that this is a long one, but what the heck, you all need to take some time out to smell the flowers (or read a little story!).
Sunday morning, Hiin took the car and drove close to where the boat had been docked the previous evening. There, he put his mechaninc skills tothe test in the daylight hours, and figured out the problem. He was able to jerry-rig the motor just enough to put-put the 5-minute distance by water to our beach (with a little bit of boat dragging and walking thrown in) to get 'er 'ome in only 3 hours-- at least the part that had rotted out will only cost about $10, and da Hurve will be all set for the food-fihsery in no time!
My ladies, Deborah and Kymil, had arrived just in time to tell me that my pizza was 'delicious' (bless their hearts!) (wait until you taste Hiin's, he's really good at that sort of thing, no politeness required!), and cheered me up no end when Hiin had to leave again for the week. Kymil said that she had to do the same thing for 5 years, and you just do what you have to do-- she knows the score, and is certainly good at distracting me. Another thing she's really good at too is math. And I'm glad that Deborah's mom enjoys the stories as well, by the way, how fun!
No sooner than we could get the chance to sit down, Nancy and Tina arrived with summer drinks! My two ladies escaped, but before I could send Tina and Nancy out in the kayak, Karen and her friend Jennifer arrived for a chat... and by the time the first two were paddling away, my girlfriend Lori had arrived! So when Nancy and Tina made it back in the kayak (which Hiin and I were going to use to tow the dory back if we had had to), Karen and Jennifer took their leave, then my intrepid paddlers had to go too, and Lori was the only one left to witness my pot roast... which was actually good. It's probably the only thing that works out for me, I don't have to measure things with the one-pot meal... What a day-and-a-half! But I must say, with all the goings-on, the transition from seeing Hiin leave again to me doing my thing was much smoother than it would have been otherwise, and we do seem to pack in a lot of togetherness in our one day together. Thank goodness for my ladies! And I wonder how the trampoline is coming along?
Nancy looking cool... first time in kayak! And very cool, I must say!
Here come the girls...
...with expert control!! Nicely done, Tina!


Dean & Joy got Married and left for the UK again!

Dean & Joy, (here Mr. & Mrs.) strutting their stuff atop of their stud Leroy (well, it could have been Leroy).
Sunset view from our deck that very same evening...
...Shep, stoked for more stick throwing by the fire...
Hiin & Hurve



Tide's out in the Bay... our little house is waaaaaay up the hill in the back...
The Phoenix is rising, and Shep is catching flies...
Hiin having a moment when the Phoenix almost did a face drop... but he saved the day like i knew he would!
Hiin playing the harp for me... a new talent just unleashed. "I was born to play the harmonica. It's a gift."
Sunset from the deck... too bad the sun hasn't showed up in the yard for the past few weeks.... but beautiful for the moment!



Star Students Deborah and Kymil, slaving away during the monsoon on the North Shore.
Surprise! It's a photo-op!
Kymil's floral masterpiece...
...Deborah's avian Masterpiece!

Summer Stuff!

Lobster Trap
Wild Rose 12" Bowl
Parrs 12" Bowl
Yellow Lady Slippers
Calypso Orchid 10" Plate
New fire pit for Hiin... makes for safer evening enjoyment on the deck!
Beautiful sunset from our deck.
My gorgeous drooping cherry...
Hurve self portrait

Another Beautiful Day in Gillams!

George's Chair, overlooking the Blow-me-Down Mountains and our Bay sure looks inviting... Hiin thinks it's a great beer-drinking chair. Amazing rock again!
There's the thriving metropolis of Gillams... beautiful!!
Hiin's home!
The Bean's nose just doesn't get smaller!


The Trails Beyond our Land

The woods are full of fiddleheads, trails are full of moose poop and moose tracks, the scented mayflowers abound, pitcher plants and water lilies are starting up, the mountains are continuously losing snow, and we could see Wee Ball and the open sea beyond from this vanatge point! Beautiful sunny day by the Bay.