"Hiin's Mushroom Finds

Well! The hike up the hill behind our land was fruitful this weekend... old eagle-eyes-Hiin was definitely showing his competitive side, when from a distance of 500 yards, he quick-drew the fungus-jargon of mushrooms and yelled "False Morel!!" before I could even pluck the brainy-looking thing out of the ground. Definitely vying for the Seene Mees title!! Anyways, quite a few LBM's (more of Hiin's in-the-know jargon), and other things...

Hiin's Mushroom Finds Continued

"I can't believe I left my mushroom book on the East Coast!"


Walk to Brake's Cove

We walked overland to Brake's Cove today; it looks very similar to any remote outport in Newfoundland. The surrounding hillsides are bare of trees, and cattle and sheep graze there over the spring and summer months; people have cabins or camps close to the fresh-water creeks, and the stages are all set for activity on the water. The setting appears to be quite similar to the Norwegian landscape, where their forests are largely gone, and land in the fjords close to the water is also used for farming and grazing animals. The Bean is as 'out-there' as ever, and we had numerous discussions about sticks. It was a good day!!

Part 2 of the Walk to Brake's Cove

We saw really neat rocks-- like the lava-and-rock formations, striated and layered rocks, rocks that looked like leather... lots of rocks on the Rock! We also saw a variety of egg-shells; robin-egg blue is really not just one colour-- this one was a lot darker and and a lot more of the teal shade than the ones we have been finding around the house. On the way back, we chose to do the loop along the shore, even though the tide was almost too high... the stairs back to Cox's Cove are worth it!


Home on the Long Weekend

Our massive BBQ, and the master chef... this is May 18, and we are bundled up because of the rain and a cool breeze off the water... but NICE to be home!

Glass Class in Batavia

First time out of the kiln for our frit-projects; Michael Dupille's Circus chicken (' Gizzardo' ) up for more detail before the second firing.

Glass Class in Batavia

Pulling stringer from a pot-melt, and Michael Dupille's progression of his circus chickens...


I went to OA-KTA Glass School in Batavia, New York, where Michael Dupille from Seattle taught an initimate bunch of us about carving molds, making molds, glass casting, fibre-paper molds, and fritography. While there, I also saw a pot-melt, making stringer, used lap sanders, ring saws, and got serious kiln-and studio-space-envy. How fun!


My brother Aare granulated this past week at SWGC in Environmental Studies, so the proud mini-family went home to celebrate at the fossils' house and had a fine lobster boil-up!



Wing view... of a small part of downtown New York City...

...view of a large part of Newfoundland... it is no wonder this is called 'the Rock'...
Downtown Deer Lake, and the Deer Lake International Airport