Mosaic of the Bay of Islands

Looking down at the spring melt-waters roaring down our creek.

View of our creek-- this winds its way to the ocean in fornt of the house, and is a perfect place for summer barricading and swimming.
Spring Breakup, a mosaic made by the students in a three-day class that I taught with my friend Lori.

Shep, shaking it in the evening sun. Did I mention it's been warming up around here?!

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig-jig.


Offerings for the Spring Sunshine

Water Lily Leaded Glass Panel-- design carries over to fuesd glass dishes as well.

Orange Tulips, full of big bold colour!

Red Tulips, richness for the Newfoundland spring that comes later than in other places.

Some dancers overlooking the sunny bay today!

New Things for Springs!

Lazy Daisies 12" Bowl

Water Lily Plate Green Apples Bowl

Lady Bug Extravaganza


Last Days for Kayak Sledding!!

The Bean, with his blue frisbee, waiting for the throw...

There's the split in the hice-- quads still drive on it in the mornings, we still walk on it, but she's starting to go, and I say there's only a few days left of kayak sledding for those that are interested if the temperatures keep up like this!


Spring is Here!!!!!!!!!!

It's April 5th, and as Hiin says, thank goodness the spring is here... check out my beautiful spring garden!

In fact, it's so hot out, I'm thinking that I might even take me coat off...
... there's Hiin and the Bean, walking on water... we'll be getting the dory out in no time...

The nosy old Bean...

Hiin & Hurve, enjoying the spring sunshine!

April Fifth, and the Ice is Starting to Leave... Finally!!

There's Hiin, lugging and scooping the logs down off the hill... need firewood a bit longer than aniticipated, the deep freeze is hanging on for dear life!

But there is hope...Really! See how there's open water out there, past the hice... and the temperatures are supposed to be above zero for a week, according to Environment Canada... hot hot hot!!

Trying to brighten up my studio with spring and summer flowers... while ignoring the fact that there are still icicles hanging from the roof... here comes the spring again!