Dawn and then the Sun Waking Up...

The sun gets up earlier and earlier these days, and it is a beautiful thing to see the mountains begin to light up-- first gray, then white, then pale pink changing to a deeper pink before the yellower tones hit.

I actually don't get to see the end result yet, as work starts before I get the chance... but soon! Soon, the sun will already be there before it is time I have to leave.


Looking at the Giant Icepan Out There the Size of the Bay, and Thinking about Something Entirely Different!

Yep, the icepan is huge... but doesn't reach acoss the Bay to the other side anymore, even though we have been having cold weather again. In anycase, after shovelling the driveway and the million stairs, then refilling the bird-feeders, and chopping up the last of our firewood (yes, looks like we will be going up the hill evenings and weekends now, looking for the perfect dead-standing trees to cut down, limb, saw into manageable lengths, carry down, buck up, split, and load into the house and shed as needed... ahhh, the joys of winter), would you believe my mind was elsewhere?!
I found last spring and summer garden photos, and now I will fall asleep dreaming of colour, sunshine, warmth, sound of waves lapping at the shore drifting up from the beach....
Rainy day lilies.
Popsicle wonders!