Wonderful Artisan Meeting!

We (co-operative craftspersons/artisans group of Western Newfoundland) had our first meeting of the New Year at Nancy's today, and I must say, it is made up of a really nice bunch of knowledgeable and experienced people! First of all, regardless of whose living room the meeting happens to be held in, we are always welcomed by a wonderful selection of warm drinks and good foods, not to mention the smiles and the greetings from the door all the way in, but we seem to be able to give advice, share resources, share experiences, and information in a matter of minutes, while spending most of our time oohing and aahhing about each others' newest projects or experiments, AND somehow getting to know of our personal lives and flavours of our days as well in so little time... and I'm pretty sure that each one of us leaves these meetings feeling inspired, justified, on-the-right-track, supported, or content (pick whichever one you needed to feel!)... remarkable! So today I got the chance to talk about my first salmon that I am making with the assistance of NLAC's generous grant... and got a few good names to use as resource people to try to solve some presentation problems that I will be faced with shortly.
The ice is coming, the ice is coming!! But so is the rain, I hear... after 'enjoying' several daya of well-below-zero temperatures, the ice on the Bay has had a good start, but now we may be in for a much longer wait; they (you know, 'THEY') are threatening rain and plus 7 for the next few days!! YUCK! But perhaps the break in the weather is a good thing, the birds will be able to find more food... we are running out of seeds and things!
Look deeply into my nose and you will find the answers to all your questions... look verrry verrry deeply.


Painting Triina's Room

Triina's brithday is coming up, and the girl has everything!! SO, because it's been COLD out there lately, we decided that the dark pink walls have to go, and decided to replace those with something a bit fresher... here are some samples of walls not quite yet done, but the general idea is there...

... Triina went through a bunch of magasines and picture books and opted for the nature-thing...

Go green, go!

LOVE tulips! Silvi and Kati also came by and got roped into the deal... FUN!


Where's all the snow going?

Last of the Big Snow for now... we have rain and + Zero temperatures right now... SAD SAD SAD!
Here's the Big Hiceberg in the bay... ha ha...

There it goes, melting melting melting...

Low tide and calm waters...

Red Sheds by the Bay

Farm Road Skidoo Trails

The Bean loves the big fat snow that we've had for a while... lots of chances to go for skiis along the trails at the end of Farm Road.

It makes Hiin happy....

... it makes Hurve and the Bean happy...
... and a bit snow-haired...
and ready for Hiin's fresh PIZZA!!!


One-fo-a-Kind Bowl: Spring Ride

Flat disc, pre-slumping stage of Spring Ride.

My friend Cam commissioned me to make a bowl for his wife Denise for Christmas-- she's a really great cyclist, so the theme was 'something to do with biking'... (but not the Harley Davidson kind!). This impressionistic group of cyclists going out for a ride in the hills appeared just-about-in-time-for-Christmas! (But it did arrive in one piece, thank you Canada Post!!)
Detail of Spring Ride...
18" round-bottomed bowl...
The dark green field with wild flowers in the foreground is harder to see in this light; I think that for optimal viewing pleasure, it might be best to have it on a stand that can sit on a windowsill (or some other place where light can get through, and all the colours come out).
Detail of the head of the pack...

Snowshoeing through the trees and snow!

The Blow-me-Down Ski Club offers a Friday night snowshow activity for all and sundry, and the first one of 2008 was held last night... I would say close to 25 people were in place for this event- who would have expected this many would be interested in traipsing through the snow-filled woods in almost waist-deep snow (not so bad for the likes of some of us, who happened to be in the latter part of the group-- it was like walking in a hard-packed trench, which sure made life easy!)?! What fun!
The trees are laden with the white crystals, and really something to marvel at!

This was the first shot of Tina and Isabelle, while we were all walking along the trail...
...This is the somewhat better one when we actually took the time to stop...
And yes, EVERYONE wants to try on the hat!


It's been snowing for a while now, and the white fluffy stuff just keep piling up! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! Also kind of cold, i expect, for little birds... we have a couple that keep trying to get into the fan-vent-tubes, and when they do, they poke and scrabble around and flutter and poke and then get scared when the fan goes on...

It's a blizzard out there!


My brother Eero had this wonderful notion that all the ' kids' should get a trumpet for Christmas, because wouldn't that be fun, everyone blowing these instruments and creating beautiful music all at the same time in one house (not his)?! Two lucky recipients were not here this time around, but when we get together next, year, look out Bird, and Satchmo, and all the rest... we'll have had a year to practice by that time!
So in between working on my glass projects, I practice with this pocket trumpet evenings, and am finding that it is a good focus for as long as my cheeks can stand it... my husband has never moved so fast in his life (all kinds of chores outside get done these days), and the dog goes crazy (with enjoyment, of course)...Aare's having a tough time... but at least he looks good!
At 3 1/2, Eemil is an old pro...

My mom gets in on the act too; she actually had played the trumpet in her high school band-- unfair advantage!
Here we were practising a Christmas tune that we successfully played over the phone to Tiina who was in the hospital... she laughed so hard they had to sedate her and re-stitch a few delinquent sections of abdomen... I'm not sure what was so funny about our concert....



It's now 2008, and we are expecting another 15-20cm of snow... YEE HAW!!!! more sledding by the sea!!! I visited my girlfriend and her family, and we spent a few fun and snowy hours on a little slope by the sea. Good times!
Hat Girls
Four squished on one sled, ready for take-off!