Christmas Craft Fair Stock!!

This year's Christmas Fused glass is done!! Well, more or less, anyway... I have a selections of window tiles, glass birds and stars that can be used as tree ornaments or suncatchers, fish, and a variety of plates and bowls. The 2007 Limited Edition Christmas Angel design (seen here on the bowl) is also now available! Enjoy!


Log-getting Day on the Bay

Woke up the other day to a beautiful sunrise-- perfect weather for getting a few logs from up the hill for the winter fires. We have a bit of land above us, full of dead-fall as well as dead-standing trees that we selectively cut for firewood. This year, as with last year, we discussed just buying a few cord of birch for the winter, but we've let that idea sort of drift on by again... it seems that we look forward to climbing up the slope, cutting and limbing a few trees, lugging the logs down to be bucked and split and stacked for the colder weather. And when the weather is like this, how can you beat a day in the woods?!

Morning Moon

Some mornings, it is great to get out of bed early to get a jump on the day. Lately, it seems as if someone keeps forgetting to open the drapes in the morning, it's still dark when we wake up at the usual hour. But the past few nights have been spectacular out here, with the full moon and star-lit sky, and the moon hanging around until mid-morning, in all its glory. Makes for a beautiful contrast, the Blow-me-Downs being lit up a glowing red with the early sun, and the water still reflecting a bit of silver down below.
Still working hard at getting ready for the West Coast Craft Fair coming up this weekend-- glass glass glass!!


Fall Garden

My beautiful flower garden is finally getting ready for the long wonter sleep-- the weather has been turning very gradually to the colder side, so I have been able to cut gladioli until the early weeks of october. My vegetable garden keeps producing the green tomatoes, and of course leeks and other well-rooted things...

Our huge maple tree dominates the back area of our house, especially in the fall-- its brilliant colours splash outwards from the hill of evergreens and yellow birch leaves, firing up the treeline. It is one of the largest maples on the north shore-- in fact on of the largest ones that I have noticed around the areas in western Newfoundland that I have visited, and we feel really lucky to have such a wise and vibrant tree as part of our home.


My Old Buddy

We had a beautiful fall day today-- sunny, BLUE skies, cool crisp air, fall leaves colouring the slopes and sidewalks. I took a few hours this evening to visit my old buddy Kastan; we had been inseparable for almost two decades, and did everything from week-long kayak trips, wilderness hiking, and rodeo spectating, to watching the hockey games on Saturday nights together, and I miss him. My big lab-sheppard sleeps his deepest sleep in my parents' front yard, in between spruce and birch trees, next to a rhododendron bush, with a beautiful river rock to mark his resting spot. The afternoon sun warms the hundred tulip bulbs that I planted for him two years ago, and that I have added to since. This year, my dad gave me white and yellow narcissus bulbs to plant amongst the red spring blooms, so today was the day to dig up the plot and spend the early evening hours before the ever-encroaching dusk settled its mantle over my story-telling time. This annual pilgrimmage to my dear old friend is very important to me-- it is great to be able to let him know what is happening in my life now, to remember what our life was like together, and to acknowledge what a special being he was to me and to my family. I appreciate having the physical place to visit; some resting spots are not easy to get to on a regular basis, and I find that this makes it more difficult to take the time from the daily scurrying to enjoy the memories shared with those who have meant a great deal to me and are no longer here, even though I carry them with me in my heart.


October Weather

My husband is in the kitchen, with slippers (our floors aren't always the best for bare feet:-)) on, and cooking up a beautiful supper for us tonight. We spent the last two days hunting the surf near Port-aux-Basques and the Port-aux-Port Peninsula... today we got our faces wet, and my skin still tastes of the North Atlantic-- cold, sometimes rainy, very windy, but fun and great to get out of the house. The colours on the bogs and hills and forests are spectacular, the reds and oranges are so vibrant, especially in contrast to the fog and misty gray skies that keep threatening another downpour. The food fishery is officially over for cod this year, so we're onto the wild turkey!


Happy Thanksgiving to All!!

Thanksgiving long weekedn is already upon us, and I am so thankful for my family, friends and health! The weather here in Newfoundland is definitely fall-ish, and the colours in the forests are gorgeous! Mushroom season is almost over, and most wildflowers are already planning next year's blooming season. We are upto our eyeballs in getting firewood for the winter, and trying to figure out how to get an early skipass! Enjoy the time!


Fishing for the Mighty Cod

This summer, we spent a good few hours on the water hunting for the elusive codfish... turns out, that with the right amount of sunlight reaching the ocean's depths, an extra special magic lure, and an anchor for the dory, cod are not as elusive as one might think. In fact, my first cast produced a keeper-sized fish; Ian could not believe it, but was he ever happy to fry that beautiful fsh in a bit of garlic and butter for supper!!

Yesterday, we got the chance to go out again, as part of the seven day extension to the allowed food-fishery, but all we managed to catch were a pair of small cod, which we released again. Today, though was the day. I can tell my very own the-one-that-got-away tale... not a fun story for me!! We motored across the bay to find a more sheltered spot, as the wind and waves were up, and I put my lure in the water. Within minutes I had a fish on the line... but a fish that did not want to come up to the surface. The rod we have is not very fancy, nor did it have very high-test line on it, so there was a lot of whining of the reel, pulling the fish, winding the line on the slack, pulling the fish, winding on the slack, and feeling the fish struggle at the other end. The rod was tipped into the water, much as it would be with a fighting fish -- cod are somewhat docile in comparison to salmonids, for example, so this struggle and heavy feeling meant I had a huge one on the line! And I did! I managed to get the fish right to the top of the water, Ian leaned over and started to pull him out, and right as the fish touched the edge of the boat, the line snapped, and I lost the biggest fish I have ever caught in my life along with my magic lure. Just like that, the glory, not to mention the gloating and bragging rights for ever and ever and ever, and the taste of fresh pan-fried cod (no-one does it better than my husband!), gone. That was the one that got away.
'Net Worth', leaded glass panel, 2007. You are what you catch.


Today, the First Day of Blog

It has taken me a little while, but I have now managed to create a BLOG-SITE. I am attaching a photo of a one-of-a-kind fused glass bowl that I have recently completed. It is about 13" in diameter, two layers thick, with organic inclusions of a type of wood sorrel leaves resembling four-leaf clovers: 'Lucky Break'