Chatting and Cherrying

Record yields with the cherries this year, and after all the worry, no major competition from the birds.

The wonderful thing about my little cherry grove is that it is a great way to catch up on chats and have a good visit with friends.
This was my third group of migrant workers-- who, as you can CLEARLY see, sat down on the job the second my back was turned, right under the (long) noses of the turned-out-to-be-lazy-and-incompetent not to mention hairy supervisors-- and am expecting a few more later this week.

I soon righted the wrongs and cracked the cherrying whip and everyone went home with bowls and bags and containers full...

... even me...

... lovely way to spend a few hours in the day.
Now to freeze and 'process' them for later reminders of the beautiful summer.

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