Beautiful Mornings!

With the weather the way it is, it seems difficult not to get out and enjoy a little bit... so mornings are now out on the water...!!
Yesterday was my first paddle with two dogs this year-- and it went quite well. My buddies were pooped for the rest of the day...

And for the first time, when I was drifting I saw a flat fish... quickly, I scrambled backwards to try to get a photo, and realised that there were cazillions of them on the flats... no wonder the osprey are always on the hunt!

As you can see from the refelction of the trees in this photo, it's been glassy early on in the day.

Very funny to see how they compete sometimes...

... and great to see how happy these outings make the buddies...

...more racing on the flat beaches in between the cliffs, and sightings of sandpipers, terns, ospreys, and even bald eagles!

Kala, being Kala, still spent a lot of time in the water swimming out to me, racing ahead on land and then jumping in trying to cut me off, but heartlessly I kept on, in the end convincing him that land travel is faster for him than swimming... swimming happens at the turn-arounds and at the end... sort of.

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