My Mama!!

Me mudder won the big prize!! She worked on her piece for 5 years, entered it in the Arts & Letters competition this year as she had finally completed her work, and won! Here is a recent photo of my mama, Maria Voitk, with one of her many colourful fibre arts pieces, and an excerpt from Gary Kean's article in the Western Star. (Photo also by Gary Kean). (And I should mention that the piece in this photo is NOT the piece that was entered in the competition-- her award-winning piece is still in St. John's, at The Rooms, being displayed with the other well-deserving entries).
Maria Voitk shows off one of the many intricately detailed quilts she has created in her home studio.

Also on the list was Maria Voitk from Humber Village, who won in the fibre art category for her quilting piece titled “Encroachment or Co-existence.”
It was Voitk’s first time entering the arts and letters competition and she was thrilled to have been named one of the 15 winners from the 132 entries in the senior visual arts category.
“I sort of suspected I might have won because a few other people had been notified that they did not win and I had not heard anything,” Voitk said. “I let a week go by and then a second week. You think maybe something good is coming, but you don’t want to believe it until somebody phones.”
Voitk’s huge quilt, measuring 80 inches by 80 inches, features a dozen species of shore birds found in western Newfoundland and which are either at risk, endangered or extinct. The birds are shown on a shoreline bordering a city skyline with images of people passing by between the shore and the buildings.


ShannonAnn said...

Congratulations to your Mama! Awesome!

Ewe Design said...

Congratulations to your Mom. I wondeed when I saw the list this morning if that was your Mom.