Back to the Clay Pit!

It always amazes me what a difference a few days of warmth and sunshine can make to my garden: my flowers are starting to bloom, the first tulips are adding that wonderful splash of colour to the slope, and my trusty primroses are bobbing away in the breezes... it's time to plant!

So, after two years of not-wanting-to-but-now-I-have-accepted-the-facts, I started to take the greenhouse apart, and will have to move it from where I can see it from the house, to the clay pit where I tried to grow vegetables for a few years.

I got the take-down started, and on Sunday, Hiiner and I did our BeavisandButthead routine (Hiiner is Butthead) and successfully dismantled the greenhouse, leaving an empty space behind.

I will return to barrow the good soil across the slope as well to the new location...

... along with windows...

...and here lie parts of the walls, windows...

... and a freshly cleared clay pit, ready for a new trial. This bank gets all the good sun in the afternoon and evening as well, but I don't get to enjoy the structure unless I traipse all the way out here... which I will, I guess, but I am going to miss the peacefulness that this little greenhouse seems to inspire at a glance from the studio windows. Anyways, it's a good location, the cherry trees behind and the apple trees above are all showing beautiful little leaf sprouts, soon to be in bloom.

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