Well Blow-me-Down!

So last weekend, I finally got my day across the bay in the Blowmedown mountains... what a beautiful day, what a great ski! Tina and Bruce were very chipper about coming out, even when I showed them my map...
Map: the photo, at that point still on my camera, taken of the area we were going to ski from my living room window. Perfect!

Early on in the day, rising well above sea-level.

What a team!

Last bit before lunch.

Beautiful slope.

One of the many views...

...love the clouds just over the horizon, backed by more white-topped hills...

... favorite winter colours: blue, clean line of white.

Wind-swept, hardpacked snow. Sculptures.

Rising out of teh tropical valley after a 2-3km descent.

Happy to have experienced armpit snow!
Every time it's an adventure... love it!! Sunday looks like it may be another treat of a day coming... keeping fingers crossed.

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