Eight or So Signs of Spring in Gillams

First off, of course, are the colt's feet blooming (bright like the buttery sunshine that we ENJOYED today) on the sides of the slopes and ditches everyhwere.

A second sure sign is the way the ice becomes striated, with each piece tinkling as it sloughs off the large pack in the sun.

Captain Hiin in his dory...

... and his crew of salty sea dogs are a definite sign of spring.

Of course, bare feet on warm shale beaches, cook-up of sausages on an open fire...

... and down-filled parka open to the navel are also telltales of a change in season.

A chat about found liquid refreshments on a beach and appropriate behaviour with girls could maybe count as well.

Ears flying in the wind, well that not only screams of spring but I think also leans right into the arrival of summer.
Things are looking up!

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