Great Craft Fair in St. John's, so nice to see so many crafters in one place, and all their beautiful work. Thank you to all who supported the Fair and bought these beautiful products for themselves and for loved ones... it makes it possible to do it again.
Thanks also to Peter and Robert for opening their home to me, and thanks to Molly and Austin, you are great craft-fair-partners... loved 'travelling' with you for the duration, it was good fun.
Cod love yas all!

Home, got a fire going, have some more wood to chop and bring in, walked dogs on beach (so nice to see the water!!)-- Kala grown again in just a week... he's 3/4 the size of Shep now. Craziness.

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knix said...

Thrilled to hear you had a great fair...rest in between setups! See you next weekend for sure. I can't wait to hear how the trigger mitts did:)