Thinking Mediterranean

I started to paint the walls in the stairwell, I'm still not sure about the colours, but with warm gales of wind and trees falling, we could very well be somewhere tropical.

I started with the top portion, painting it white, just to brighten up the space... which worked really really well... except for the fact that it made the bottom half of the walls, which were the natural colour of wood, look very very dirty. So then I painted the bottom white as well, which turned out to be too stark... so then off to the paint store, and wow the colours that one could choose!

Shep was pretty tired from all the painting by the end of the night... thankfully Kala wasn't here yet, otherwise I can imagine all the help he would have given me too!


island sweet said...

love the colour choices!

Urve Manuel said...

Thanks, Shawn... it seems that something is missing, still, though, and perhaps it's the high wall of white on top... maybe it needs a few bright things to bring it together, I don't know. Anyways, I know I'll get used to it in no time, whichever way it's going to be.