View from the Greenhouse

I have to show the view from the inside to the outside of the greenhouse, because the slugs won the war. All I have in the greenhouse are tomoatoes, and a few spindly celery... and lettuce, and the remains of one slug-eaten pepper plant. The rest disappeared before the plants even had a chance to grow. Next year, there will be beer plates, white gloves and flashlights, sand borders, and a slug guard.


seastrandsstudio.com said...

I'm not sure what kind of greenhouse you have, but I have taken to planting peppers in hanging baskets that are suspended from the greenhouse rafters. The slugs and snails can't get at them and they benefit from the extra heat of being higher up (they like it hotter than tomatoes). Cucumbers do well in baskets, too.

The only thing you have to watch is that they get enough water (they dry out faster) and that you give them a shot of fertilizer of some sort regularly (fewer nutrients in a smaller container). This year I stuff raw fleece in the bottoms of the baskets, under the soil, and they've retained their moisture far better than before.

The added benefit is that planting peppers in baskets frees up floor space for tomatoes.

Urve Manuel said...

That's all good advice too! Thanks!