Nice People

Nice people are awesome. For the past few months, I have been working on a little house around the corner from where we live, and haven't been in the studio much during the days. After Alan P. came out for a visit earlier on this spring/summer and I happened to meet him at the studio by chance alone, (returned to get tools and probably to use the facilities, there is no running water at the house yet), I thought I should do something. So for all the intrepid travellers and mountain climbers who venture out this way for a studio visit, I left a note on the door telling people where I am (come and get me if they want to try their luck at searching Gillams), and to feel welcome to have a look around the studio (operating on the honour system, of course, should they want to pick something out for themselves). So far, so good; Nanacy A. was the most recent invisible visitor... I had just that morning taken a turquoise bowl from the kiln and put it out on the display shelf... she left a nice note, a cheque, and had calculated all the numbers herself! Feels a bit strange not to meet my visitors, but feels great that they feel comfortable enough to visit and enjoy their tour. Nice people!
In the meantime, the weather over 'ome has been beautiful!

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