Last Week was a Long Time Ago

Friday was Ian's birthday... about a century ago!
I remember getting up at 6 to bake the cheesecake, make the burger patties, work in studio for a few hours before going to work at the renovation site... then Kati came over and got roped into painting and touch-ups on trim details... then we went home and people had arrived for dinner... BBQ and brithday celebrations once Ian arrived home from Port-aux-Basques.
After the crew left, I had to pack the truck for Woody Point Writer's Festival, and had the shortest of chats at a late hour with the birthday boy...
Saturday and Sunday, Woody Point! Beautiful weather, great music, wonderful readings, and good times with Trudy, Brenda, Niki, Barb... I got to do a demo during this time, and even sold some work, so was pleased about that. New connections, good people.
Home Sunday evening, unpack the truck, bring everything back up the mountain, re-organise the studio, have a late supper with my husband, try to catch up about weekend events, and realise that we're pretty much into Monday already.
This morning, Hiiner up at five to drive back to Port-aux-Basques, me in the studio, shortly back to construction work... looking forward to studio tonight! Now, breaking for coffee... it's no wonder I feel like time is flying faster than the speed of light, and a few short days seem to have happened weeks ago. Busy times this summer!

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