It's getting to taht time of year... APPPPPPLES!! Not much beats fresh apples off the tree... maybe fresh tomatoes, but apples are a pretty close second.

The green apples from the old tree are almost ready... some I've already picked, but perhaps one mroe week will do the trick; hopefully, the winds and storms will stave off just long enough (last year, I lost them all!)

My young trees are producing a few apples each this year, which is also quite amazing; I get 2-3 three each year when Canadian Tire sells off their plants (which is happening now, by the way, 50% off!!). This means that they are usually scraggly and in somewhat rough shpae, but I figure if they make it through the winterm they'll be fine. So far so good, and even though there are only a few on most of the young trees, they are actually producing, so this muct be a good sign.

Coming onto red...

...smallish, but arriving...

... between all the young trees, I may get a small basket. It can only get better!

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