Turtle Release

Three days later, (yes, stubborn), I have finally worked out how to upload my video of a turtle release. One of our first projects in the ceramics course was to create a pinch-pot turtle... mine was a sea turtle, because that made sense to me... and we were going to release them all into the wilds. What with the pitfiring, and everything else, the class-release did not happen, but I decided to have a go anyway.
The video is almost 5 minutes, might be a bit long, and possibly not exciting... I labelled it as 'comedy', but that might not come across to all viewers. Anyways, my turtle, along with a vial strapped to its back with name and number in case ever found, wax melted onto belly and covered the holes that I had to put in so the beast wouldn't explode during firings, was freed this past Sunday, off McIvers Point...

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