Betty Boop Does Charlie's Bottom

Is that a bad title?
In anycase, we had the BEST day!
Ahhhhhh, sun!

Stacey, Isabelle and her 95-lb pack, and the dogs on the Charlie's Bottom bog.

The climb was outstanding, with more and more views opening up with each meter of elevation gained.

Blue and white.

Blue and white and climbers.

Clean, crisp horizon lines.

So close to the top...

... only a short distance left...

... and the top of the world was ours.
Betty knows where the beach is, do you?

Awesome and amazing panoramas.

Shep loves this stuff.

Isabelle loves this stuff too.
Note her 95-lb pack... which contained --thankfully-- a home in case we wanted to stay overnight, GPS, maps, lunch for me too-- triple cheese on pumpernickle, no less!--(I left my pack at home, and luckily had a bag in the Duck that I could at least sling over my shoulder along with a jacket,dog treats that I had picked up in the morning on my way, and a thermos of tea that had been meant for after the ski), extra clothes, how-to-build-an-igloo guides, shovels, litres of water, first-aid for humans and dogs, overboots, and anything else you might think of. 
It was a big pack.

Last lookoff before the magical descent.

Starting to ski down... which lasted a good long while... and on a whim, we followed a skidoo trail that looked like fun, which eventually took us another few km's off the regular route, but no worries there, we had a Master Navigator in our crew. Isabelle led us back on track, and we got to follow a beautiful creek line complete with fresh--as in seconds ago-- moose tracks and fresh water and sunshine and what a beautiful day!

Look ma, no wet feet!

Blue, daring to get halfway across.. several times... before venturing all the way. Good girl!

Stacey, loving the adventure!
What a great day!
I got inspired to learn how to use a GPS... it's amazing the information that those things carry in them if one knows how access all that technology. Isabelle made it seem pretty darned easy. Ya never know.

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