Magical Chemical Formula: Hurve's School of Cookery

This is the magical formula of the magical stuff that the Easter Bunny hoardes for most of the year... luckily,being a strongly independent and free-thinking woman, I can outsmart the rabbit and get my own supply. With Hiiner gone during the week days, (by the way, Captain Manuel was awakened at 4:30 this morning b/c the crew had arrived and had to take the boat out to sea... so he moved back into the Green Hornet, drove to the Automotive shop where he works, and crawled back into his sleeping bag, ready to leap out when the 9am starting bell sounds), the cooking has been left to myself (Shep won't do it). Apparently I won't really do it either... it seems so much easier just to eat some chocolate-covered berries and nuts-- they're all full of good protein, good fibre, calcium, and antioxidants, so how could I go wrong!? No dirty dishes, no cooking smells, instant meal on demand... turns out I love my cooking after all!

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