Ian now has a job in Port-aux-Basques; last week was his first work week, and he managed to get his Captain's papers in less than 24 hours! Not to confuse anyone, he's still an Automotove Technician; there just isn't anywhere to live in PaB unless you own a home... after spending the first night in the car (at -17 degrees and with a lot of blankets), his boss let him sleep on one of his heated 65' draggers... so in the evenings, Captain Manuel sat in his Captain's chair and watched the ferry roll in, and got caught in about a million chats with the wharf rats.
He spent most of the weekend on the phone trying to organise a place on land, but to no avail... we were hoping that something might come together for him today, but the Captain just called to let me know that there was a bit of swell on the go in the Port at the moment, and looks to be a see-sawing-kind-of-a-night aboard the ship. Apartment might become available by Friday he hopes.

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Diane Williams said...

The Captain's hat has brought back a memory for me. Ian's oldest brother had a Captain's hat when he was a little boy, living in Steady Brook - a present from his grandparents.

I so very much enjoy the vignettes that you include in your blog!