Koi Pond

Swimming goldfish, or koi, defiantly relaxed in the face of winter... tough guys! This piece is about 24" in length and from cable-to-cable, approx. 6" wide. (The glass is 4" in width).

Detail of the abstract swimmers-- languid in the comfort of their pond.

Detail of the framework.
In the meantime, the cubic volume of snow that we removed from the studio roof, now rests on the side of the studio and reaches up to the window (wondering whether I should hope for a quick melt-- a ha ha ha ha-- or just realise that I may have to shift some of it again). The volume removed from one of the house roof sections is now piled up on the deck and needs to be dug out again. The almost foot-thick ice layer sitting under all the snow of the lip of the back roof that Hiin chopped off with the maul, however, can stay where it is... we won't walk there until the spring!

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