Winds of Change

The temperature is dropping (not to exaggerate too much, it`s below zero these days, and the forecast is for this to continue), and the wind direction has changed. Gone are the balmy days of pre-winter, where the house is warm from top to bottom-- the cold winds-blowing-straight-at-the-house are here, and along with them, the need to keep the fire going at all times!
The little snow that we have right now might stick, and the ground might even begin to freeze. I`m wondering should I cut the stems and leaves off my tulips that had started to come up, ro leave them on... will it make a difference...
In anycase, it would be a good time to haul some kelp off the beaches and throw it all over the yard just for fun. And then start to think about plans for the new year... I think Im going to have to consciouly make and take time to just think ahead in concrete terms, otherwise this busy cycle will just keep on going!

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