The Aftermath...

Both major craft fairs are over, I am home, and am finally taking the time to sort a few things out. Like where to put the shelving that I used this year at the fairs for my booth set-up, and where to put the stuff that I have had hanging around here for what seems like forever... and where to put this pile of glass scraps, and that pile of scraps, and how fast can I crush this mountain of shards to frit, and so on... and wow, there is some flooring under all that pile of stuff, and holy smokes, I think I have work space in the form of table-tops over there too!
It's going to take all day. Perhaps most of tomorrow also.
And then, I need to make a list of the orders that I need to get started on, the ones that I need to complete before Christmas festivities, and what direction I am going to be heading for this year-- yes, there is (hopefully) going to be a solid directional focus... more when I figure that out in greater detail.
And it is the first day of December, Happy beginning of the official Advent to Christmas! Hiin forgot to make me an Advent Calendar this year... mostly because he didn't realise that that is going to be one of his favorite activities from now until death-do-us-part... ahhh, love!
So if all goes well, we'll find our tree today too before it gets dark!

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